Troye Sivan- My experience.

This is explaining how I met the wonderfully talented Troye Sivan <3


1. Part 1

So I won tickets to see Troye at the Today Show Studios in Sydney... this is how it went down; 

I lined up at about 4:50am (bc we had to be there at 5:30am) and we thought Troye was already there so we were tweeting Laurelle to come and meet a small group of us (without realising he wasn't there so Laurelle obviously wasn't either.)

So they lined us up and Troyes car drove past and he got out and agreed to meet us; this is where things played out. 

I turned to my friend and said "Oh I don't think he'll meet me cause I'm not really at the front." so she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front and made me stay there. 

Troye was getting closer and closer to us which made me more nervous by the second. 

By this stage I was crying because I knew exactly what I needed to say to him but I was so scared; well I mean your idol walking up to you who wouldn't be?

So he met the girl next to me and I sort of calmed down and he came up to me and hugged me and said "Hi how are you?" 

And so I told him what I needed to (I'm not saying what as it's personal) and he gave me another hug and I started crying so hard on his shoulder as everyone around us was like "aww!" 

So we pulled away and took a photo to which he spoke to me about it again and I said "thank you so much Troye" and he went all sweet on me again (he called me buddy as well to which my heart low key melted) 

And so he went onto the next person and I turned to my friend and started bawling my eyes out and she was supporting me saying she was proud of me for opening up and telling him everything (well almost everything) and I saw the photo we took (my friend took it on her phone because I was shaking way to much to even attempt to hold my phone) and saw that it was really bad because I was crying my eyes out and I looked so bad (like I kid you not I was mid-talk/sob) which made me cry more because the one time I get to meet my idol my photo ends up horrendous. 

So when he's finishing up he looks over at me and I yell "Troye can we take another photo?" and he goes "Yeah sure." but security dragged him away. 

To which I was still crying (not because he got taken away but because I had just met my idol) and my friends were all trying to calm me down. 

Then my friend showed me a video she took of me telling him and I started to cry even more on her shoulder because I'd just met Troye Sivan Mellet...

+++ (PART 2)+++

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