The Bad Boys Girl • Luke Hemmings •

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Luke. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen? Read to find out! Luke Hemming's Fan-Fiction.


1. Chapter 1

Charlotte's POV:

To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to the first day back at school. I wasn't ready for the horrible comments which were to be thrown at me. I wasn't ready for them to bully me. When I say them I mean the popular boys of the school: Calum, Ashton, Michael and last but not least Luke. Luke was the worst, he bullied me because of the way I looked. Sure I had braces, and brown frizzy hair and a horrible taste in fashion before the summer break. But I had changed now. My braces had been removed, I had now began to straighten my hair and I had improved my fashion taste drastically! Maybe they might like me now? Maybe they'll leave me alone? Or maybe they won't.

Turning on my straighteners, I began to straighten my brunette hair. My once curly fizzy brunette locks now turning into smooth straight ones.

Placing and turning off my straighteners, I walked over to my closet choosing an outfit for my first day back to school from the summer break. I picked out; a floral top, denim skinny jeans, white converses and a black jacket. Once changed, I rushed downstairs grabbing my bag and an apple from the side. Opening the door and walking out of my house, I took the footpath to school.

Sighing out loud, once I had reached the school, I looked up to see the same old red murky brick pattern.

Rearranging my bag on my shoulders, I walked inside making my way to my first lesson- chemistry. Walking down the hallway of the school, I stopped outside the classroom hesitant to walk inside. Before I could make my mind up on weather or not I would enter the classroom I was shoved through the wooden door and onto the floor.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry are you okay?" A familia voice asked. It was him. Frozen from shock I just sat their not daring to reply.

Suddenly, his hands wrapped around my waste lifting me up off the floor. "Thanks" I mumbled, not daring to face him.

Slowly but quickly walking away, I made my way to the back table in the classroom where no one was currently sat at the moment. Sitting myself at the table, someone took the seat beside me and sat down. I looked over and met his blue eyes. Luke's blue eyes.

"Charlotte?" His eyes widened. I stared at him with a blank expression.

"Wow girl, you've changed and you look good" he smirked eyeing me up. Wow so just because I look different your now gonna talk to me? Jerk.

"Thanks" I sighed, not wanting to have a conversation. Looking over at the door, the chemistry teacher walked in and began to set up before teaching.

Today we were learning about some complete rubbish which I did not understand what so ever.

"You don't understand do you?" Luke asked whispering.

"Nope do you?" I sighed.

"Nope, hey you doing anything after school?" He questioned.

"Uh-" before I could reply the teacher thankfully interrupted us, thank god!

"Luke Hemmings, Charlotte Smith do not talk in my lesson" the teacher barked.

"Sorry sir" I meekly replied.

Authors note:

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