Exam Time Again

It's exam time again, and for two young boys pushing through high school, the stress gets to them sometimes. | Snippets from the high school life of two dorks in love. | In no particular order, and they're all unrelated to each other. | Enjoy~


4. For Good Luck

okay that's all ^~^



Adam was studying in the library alone when the bell went. He groaned - he was so dead. Exams, exams, and more goddamned exams. He could barely concentrate with the workload that they'd been given. He started packing his books away as the rest of the students started clearing out, chatting away.

Except one.

Adam noticed him as he straightened up and had already started walking out. One boy, sitting alone, with their head in one hand and twirling a pen around the fingers of the other hand, and his foot tapping quickly against the ground - sure signs of stress. Adam wondered why he wasn't leaving, before noticing that he had earphones in. He also faintly recognised him, but it was hard to tell who it was.

Adam walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder, and he jumped as he turned around. Adam instantly knew who it was - Sean Byrne, the Irish exchange student that had started at his school at the beginning of the year. He and Adam had gotten along easily from the beginning, even though they had slightly different friend circles. They occasionally sat together during the classes they had together, and Adam really liked the guy - he was funny, charming, cute, everything that Adam had always adored in people. As an out bisexual, he was allowed to think these things.

Sean grinned faintly and shook his head, resting it in his fingers. "Fockin' hell, Adam," he said exasperatedly. "You scared the shit outta me." He reached into his pocket and turned off his music.

Adam smiled apologetically. "Sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to."

Sean's grin grew. "Sure you didn't," he teased, and Adam laughed, Sean joining in. Adam loved the sound of Sean's laugh, of his voice in general. He had always been a sucker for Irish accents. “So what’s up?” Sean asked as their laughter died down.

Adam raised his eyebrows. “The bell just went, you realise?”

Sean’s eyes widened and he looked at his watch. “Fuck!” he said loudly, making the librarian look over in distaste. “Sorry,” Sean apologised, and Adam could tell he was trying not to roll his eyes. Sean had always blamed his swearing on his Irish-ness (“I was raised with it, it’s in me blood!”) and while Adam never minded, the teachers always berated him for it.

But now Sean was furiously packing his stuff away, chucking stuff in his pencilcase and shoving papers in books and books in folders.

“Thanks for tellin’ me, Adam,” Sean said. “I would’ve been shot where I stood if I was late.”

Adam grinned – they had the same class next, and their teacher was as strict as strict could possibly get. When Sean said that she’d shoot him, well, he probably wasn’t that far off.

“No worries,” Adam said, “now let’s go before we get detention.”

They walked out of the library (Adam mentally grumbling at how Sean was still taller than him) down the hall and towards their class, Adam realising that in Sean’s presence he’d forgotten that they would be doing an exam. He groaned again, and Sean looked over at him.

“What’s up?” Sean asked. “Exam stress?”

Adam nodded. “I am going to die if I fail this.” His ADHD didn’t really help his case, either.

Sean chuckled. “Calm down, ye silly,” he said. “If I can do it, anyone can, trust me.”

Adam sighed, and Sean laughed.

Adam noticed that Sean looked up and down the hallway, and Adam did the same – there wasn’t another person in sight. Then Sean did something Adam wasn’t expecting at all: he grabbed Adam’s arm, twisting him around, before leaning down and gently pulling their lips together.

Adam froze in shock for a moment, before leaning into the kiss – it was wonderful, even if it was only a few seconds before Sean pulled away.

Adam raised his eyebrows, and Sean winked. “For good luck,” he said, and Adam rolled his eyes.

“Thanks,” he said. “But now I’m not going to be able to concentrate at all.” He could still feel it, and his lips tingled slightly.

Sean laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment. Now come on, ye goof, before we’re too late.”

So Adam allowed Sean to take his hand and pull him along to class.


Adam didn’t see Sean after class, and assumed that he’d just lost him in the crowd. So, as per usual, he packed his bag for the end of the day and started to walk home. But he saw someone leaning up against a tree outside the grounds, listening to music, and he grinned. He knew immediately that that was his favourite Irishman.

So, once again, he went up to him, and tapped him on the shoulder. Sean jumped again and when he saw who it was, he swore loudly.

“For fuck’s sake, Adam, would you stop doing that?” he said exasperatedly, running a hand through his hair and turning off his music.

Adam laughed. “Well, it’s not my fault you’re always facing the other way,” he shot back and Sean cracked a crooked grin, which was another thing that Adam liked about him. Once their laughter had settled, Adam asked, “So, what are you doing out here, Sean? You don’t usually walk out this way.”

Sean’s face reddened (adorably) and he looked away, suddenly seeming quite interested in the tree across the road. “Well,” he started uncertainly. “I was waiting for you. Am I allowed to do that?”

Adam smiled gently, his mind set. He reached up and turned Sean’s face towards him, put his hand on the back of Sean’s neck and pulled him into a kiss again. This time it was Sean’s turn to freeze, before responding in kind, gently brushing his fingertips over Adam’s cheek.

When the finally broke apart, Adam just stared into the blue of Sean’s eyes, admiring them.

Then he smiled. “If anyone can, you can,” he mumbled, and Sean touched their foreheads together.

The exam didn’t go too badly after all.


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