Exam Time Again

It's exam time again, and for two young boys pushing through high school, the stress gets to them sometimes. | Snippets from the high school life of two dorks in love. | In no particular order, and they're all unrelated to each other. | Enjoy~


5. Close To You

Adam groaned.

What the fuck does this mean??

Damn English – he hadn’t exactly been paying much attention to the teacher or her slideshow for the last fifteen minutes, and now that was coming back to haunt him. He had no idea what the rest of the class was writing down, and he appeared to have been daydreaming, because the boy next to him, Sean, definitely had a lot more notes than he did.

Oh yeah, he also couldn’t concentrate because he was sitting next to Sean… They were sitting so close together, and it was messing with Adam’s head. The only thing he could really concentrate on was resisting the urge to reach out and touch Sean.

And holy shit that was the hardest task of life, forget math.

He sighed, and ran a hand through his hair.

“You okay, Adam?” Sean whispered beside him, and Adam looked over to see the Irishman looking over at him, with a casual yet concerned look on his face.

Adam held up his hands. “I think I got lost somewhere,” he admitted. Sean grinned and leaned over to look at Adam’s book. Adam’s heart started to race at the sudden closeness, and he tried to prevent the blush from rising into his face.

“Yep, you’re a fair way behind,” Sean commented quietly, so as not to be heard by the teacher. “Like, three slides or some shit.”

Adam supressed a groan and buried his face in his hands, rubbing his eyes behind his glasses. “Oh no,” he mumbled into his hands.

Sean nudged his shoulder against Adam’s, and Adam’s hear skipped a beat. “Don’t worry, dude, ye can copy off me later.”

Oh yeah – Sean was supposed to be coming over to Adam’s house for a video game jam that afternoon.

“Thanks, man,” Adam replied. “I have no idea what’s been happening for the past fifteen minutes or something.”

“Daydreaming again?” Sean teased him, and Adam rolled his eyes. “About what, this time?”

Adam shrugged. “I don’t even remember at this point.” Which was entirely true.

“Adam! Sean!” the teacher suddenly barked. “Quiet, please!”

“Sorry, miss,” the two boys said in unison, before looking back down and grinning.

So Adam missed some notes. Oh well – anything, if it meant being that close to Sean again.


Later on, as the two of them were sitting side-by-side on the couch in Adam’s basement, Sean was swearing through gritted teeth at a Super Mario Maker level while Adam was copying the notes that he missed from Sean.

“Fer fuck’s sakes!” Sean suddenly shouted. “Stupid fuckin’ plumber bitch, get past the fuckin’ fish!

Adam stifled a laugh, trying to work his way around Sean’s wacky handwriting. “Calm down, Seanaboy,” he giggled. “I’m trying to work over here.”

Sean sighed and set the controller on the coffee table that he was resting his feet on. “How are ye going with that?” he asked, leaning over and resting his chin on Adam’s shoulder to look at where he was up to. Once again, Adam’s heart began to beat even faster, but he made no move to push Sean away. If anything, he became stiller so he wouldn’t give him the wrong idea.

“I, uh,” Adam stuttered, and then coughed from embarrassment. “I’m getting there.”

“Well,” Sean replied. “That’s a start, at least.” Then he moved away again and stretched his arms up. Adam went back to copying.

Soon enough, Adam had finished copying the notes and Sean had finally beaten that level, and it was Adam’s turn to rage.

“Aw man, fuck you!” Adam yelled. “It’s a fucking fire flower! Jump over it!

“You realise that you are the one controlling Mario, right?” Sean chuckled. “Seriously, calm down.”

I pressed the fucking button but he didn’t fucking jump!” Adam seethed. And the next time he died via that goddamn fire flower, he just gave up and instinctively fell over to put his forehead on Sean’s shoulder before he realised he was doing it.

He froze, but Sean just laughed and brought his arm up around his shoulders and squeezed. “Dude, you suck at this,” Sean laughed.

Adam relaxed and groaned. “I know, shut up.” He also sucked at the whole relationship thing, too.

He expected Sean’s hand to drop, but it didn’t. It just stayed there. And Adam, his heart beating at a million miles an hour, just brought his legs up on the couch and twisted around so that he was leaning against Sean’s side and facing the TV, and Sean’s arm still stayed around his shoulders as Adam continued to play the level. Adam felt the boy sigh and shift his arm into a more comfortable position. When it was Sean’s turn again, Adam still leant into Sean, relishing in the close contact, and Sean made no move to push him away.

Thank god.

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