The Colorful Violin

These are some of the sins of the city.
Everyone warned them to stay away, but they pushed off their warnings carelessly.
Some of them are older, raised on the cities enticements. Others are younger, their innocent doe eyes having seen nothing yet.
A junkie who's trying to stay clean.
A artist drowning in the past.
A dealers debt that can't be repaid.
A small town kid, eager to see what sins lay in the city.
All five are about to be tugged into the seemingly innocent word of The Colorful Violin. A shop with a seductive glow that comes with deadly consequences.
All five have been to the underbelly of hell, leaving them with scars and wounds to deep too fill.
It isn't a question IF they will be lured in because it's always just been a matter of WHEN.
Welcome to the dark side of New York.


1. Violin Case

Violin Case

Juniper Grace P.O.V

"Okay, Okay, Jamie we need to talk."

"Where do you find these guy?The losers with no motives hotline?" I sarcastically inquired, slamming my soaked jacket on her dresser. Jamie pulled her dark brown hair into a tight pony tail, applying blush on her smooth tan skin.

"Juniper Grace, listen to me....He, um, seemed very nice and I also know for a fact he also has a thing for bigger girls." She cocked her head and nervously looked side to side, turning to the other cheek. Smoke practically rolled out of my ears as I smoothed out my black skater skirt and chewed on my lip.

"Jamie, I love you, I really do but I'm not a fetish and I really do not enjoy being pawed at."I rolled my eyes back in my head; Plopping down on the wooden bar stool that sat next to her Hollywood style dresser.

"Mason! Bring me my good foundation!" She howled before turning to me and crossing her thin legs that were the color of milk.

"Junny, I am sorry okay? But I mean do you really have to be such a prude! He was trying to get to know you and you scared him off!" She turned once again, applying red lipstick to her heart shaped mouth.

My eye instinctively twitched as I recalled the million other times I rejected her off to set me up with one of her friends from work.

Why ever did I cave and say yes?

I brought this on myself then, didn't I?

"The only thing he was trying to get to know are the twins."I said exasperated, gesturing to the ever present cleavage that popped out of my ruby red crop top.

"So what? That's just how men are Junny."

As I opened my mouth to tell her about the wonderful world of feminism and gender equality Mason, as if on a cue waltzed over. He was clad in he's usual attire of ridiculously tight jeans and a v-neck deep enough to bury a body in.

I bet nobody could find a body in the forest growing on your chest.

They was absolutely nothing wrong with having hair on your body, but there is something completely wrong about being an a-hole.

I chuckled, my eyes scanning the dense curly brown hair that would put Austin Powers to shame.

"Here babe." Turning around he forced as smile as he stared me up and down. I shrugged, pinching my lips together;Not even trying to hide the look of pure and utter disgust.

"Juniper, it's fantastic too see you! How's your writing coming along?" He blinked his slimy green eyes, smiling like a weasel.

"I'm so glad that in this day and age people can just pursue whatever career that want, even ones that don't pay well." He sighed loudly, reaching deep into his pocket and lighting a cigarette.

"If I didn't have a real, professional, job that pays extremely well; I would just LOVE to peruse an writing career." He pouted his lips in mock dismay as he then proceeded to take a long drag, obnoxiously blowing smoke in my face.

.I ran my fingers through my burgundy hair, crossing my legs and making direct eye contact.

"Ah well, I guess we can't all live off of food stamps."

I hopped up off the chair, taking two long strides over to Mason and standing toe to toe; it was almost comical to see my five-foot-two self standing tow to toe with his six-foot frame.

I flipped him my middle finger as his eyes narrowed.

"Oh, how cute! It's that supposed to frighten me? You're-"

This was one of those moments were everything slows down, it didn't feel like me as I stood toe to toe with Mason. It was someone else, it was a choice that was made in a second and after the fact I almost immediately regretted it.

The hard smack of plastic against face brought me back to reality as I glanced at the small compact concealer I snatched off Jamie's dresser moments earlier.

I blinked as he and Jamie gaped at me. Mason cupped the perfect circle of welt that was growing on his cheek.

"Now....Good day you pompous prick." I angrily muttered as I felt a hot embarrassment rise to my cheek.

If another snap-of-the-moment decision, I stopped at the doorway and turned around.

I raised and eyebrow and glanced at the too tight fabric that held god-knows-what behind it.

"On a side note, Mason, I'd get check out because I'm seriously concerned with your ability to procreate."

Grabbing my black jacket, I nearly leaped to the door and ran out of the small disgustingly pink and green studio. I pulled my hat farther down on my hat as I continued to walk on the wet pavement, passing an array of colorful shops.

"How could I do that?"

What were you thinking,Juniper Grace?

I looked down and studied the cracking pavement as the heat faded from my face.

"I'm sorry, Jamie."I halfhearted mumbled, knowing that he really did deserve it but she was just his girlfriend. Jamie was hopelessly trapped in a misogynistic swine's web.

I looked up in time to see man in a suit walked out of a glass door that was connected to one of the shops across the street.

He checked his watch before glancing at up me, he raised a singular eyebrow flashing me a look of almost sick amusement. His icy blue eyes glued to mine as he ran a hand through his platinum, almost white, shoulder length hair. It looked like it was once slicked back in a pristine sense but the wind tugged it loose making it whip around his face.

The moment seems to last for several minutes as he rushed past, I clutched my bag close to my chest as the wind attempted to tear it out of my hands. I turned my head back for a glimpse of the man against but my eyes were drawn to the odd shaped case that he clutched in his hand.

"What is that?"

My eyes flashed back to the shop he walked out of, I quickly ran across the street my heels clicking against the pavement. A pastel violin caught my eye as I looked at the building he walked out off. It was small, about the same size of all the other shops along the road.

It looked absolutely smushed, the building was set between a boutique and a recline store. The thing that caught my eye though was the paintings; They were marvelous, all pastel with blues, greens, pinks, and purples forming music notes and measures that intertwined. I looked to the glass door he walked out of, a violin was painted on it.

It soon became obvious to me that this was the centerpiece of the building; It was beautiful, the violins body a deep purple, the strings all a different colors. I could almost hear the sweet music, the black bow was painted as if to look like it was about to run across the strings.

"Is that was he was holding," I mused, "A violin case?"

After studying the art work for another few minutes, I read the words on the sign.

"The Colorful Violin Tattoo Parlor."

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