The Colorful Violin

These are some of the sins of the city.
Everyone warned them to stay away, but they pushed off their warnings carelessly.
Some of them are older, raised on the cities enticements. Others are younger, their innocent doe eyes having seen nothing yet.
A junkie who's trying to stay clean.
A artist drowning in the past.
A dealers debt that can't be repaid.
A small town kid, eager to see what sins lay in the city.
All five are about to be tugged into the seemingly innocent word of The Colorful Violin. A shop with a seductive glow that comes with deadly consequences.
All five have been to the underbelly of hell, leaving them with scars and wounds to deep too fill.
It isn't a question IF they will be lured in because it's always just been a matter of WHEN.
Welcome to the dark side of New York.


3. The Prince Of Snow

The Prince of Snow

Joaquin Thorne's P.O.V

I quickly glanced over my shoulder, taking in one last look at the women with the maroon waves. A shiver crawled down my spine as I pictured her piercing doe eyes.

They were a deep ocean blue,so luminous and inviting you could drown in them and be thankful the whole time you were drowning.

I clutched my violin tighter, feeling my knuckles turn white.

I could never let her go, she was now my one and only love.

My phone vibrated, jamming my hand deep into my suit pocket, I grabbed the burned phone.

"Da? Speak."

I continued my trek down the sidewalk as I switched to my natural Russian tongue.

"Did you do what I asked?" The voice modifier crackled in my ear as I barely even flinched, use to the sound. My eyes wondered around as I watched everyone, closely with one objective in mind.

"I did. This won't happen again." I said monotone, watching as a man's eyes glue to my sleeve. Flashing my eyes downward, I saw crimson dry on my sleeve and drip down my hand.

"It better not, Joaquin." I flinched at the clipped sound of my name, my debt could never be repaid and they knew it.

I worked for someone I didn't know.

I did dirty work for someone I didn't know.

I have a debt to repay to person who's identity I will never know.

Snapping my phone closed, I nonchalantly pushed my suit jacket back and shoved my hand in my pants pocket;Flashing the diamond handled glock for a mere second, making sure he saw its cruel gleam. His face went a ghost pale as I grinned like a Cheshire Cat;Walking past, I squeezed his shoulder hard.

"Have a good night,sir. Be careful on your way home, there's been known to be a lot of drug and gang violence this side of down.I mean, I heard the most brutal man escaped capture again recently! Can you believe that? I heard he's a real Russian charmer too." Winking, I watched as he practically peed the sidewalk.

"He has this ability to track down anyone, no matter who they are, no matter where they are;I suggest if you see anything you shouldn't have or hear anything you shouldn't have, you best keep it to yourself. I mean, I'm just trying to help you out because.......I imagine you have grandkids, eh?." I smoothly slipped out, using an American accent up in till the end, were I let it come out. The accent was deep and rich like chocolate.

Shoving him back, I cruelly chuckled and continued to walk down the sidewalk.

I felt a burning sensation spread across my chest as it always did when I did something like this. I swallowed, loosening my tie and looking down at the gleam of the old golden chain.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled, in the only language she understood.

I ran my hand threw my hair in frustration, angry that the impulsive words even left my lips.

Stop it!

You know who you are now!

You know what you do!

Get it out of your head, Joaquin!

I pinched my lips together, turning into the dark shimmering skyscraper I call home. I call it home as in the place I'm staying for now,till I switch locations, which happens every week like clockwork.

The hall of the building was all blacks and grays, crisp and cold;The way I like all my buildings to remain, feelingless and frigid. Only the most cold and cruel people thriving in this environment, the only type people I surround myself with. I jerked my head to the left as I caught eye of a women in a wrinkled grey pantsuit.

How did you become like this?

She whisper seductively is my ear, the edge of her voice laced with worry.

I haven't always been this way, I truly haven't;The only way people become like me is their soul breaks.

If your soul breaks and you live, god help you.

I was weak, now I'm inhuman.

I feel nothing, the closest I get to feeling is a white hot blaze deep in my chest after I've done something only a monster could do.

Sometimes I do those things just to feel alive again.

There is one other time I feel alive again, when I run my fingers over the strings and pick up the bow, I'm alive.

I'm not an animal.

I'm everything and nothing.

I am music in its purest form.

It's strange isn't it? Hearing all this from the lips of a monster.

I tightened my muscles ready to jump as I was snapped back into reality by someone gripping my hand. It shocked me out of my forbidden thoughts. I opened my eyes wide,realizing the conversation in my head could get me killed, or worse. Coughing, I turned around and faced a small women with dark brown hair and pale pink lips. She turned my hand around, softly placing a kiss on the ruby in the center of opals.

I ran my eyes up and down, the wrinkled grey pantsuit; I was right.

I always am.

You can tell.

"Sir," She locked her dull brown eyes with mine, I raised an eyebrow, looking at the whites of her eyes which were an angry red; Her pupils almost the same size as her eyes. I sighed, knowing the words that were about to leave her mouth. I kept a blank expression, checking off all the carefully covered up signs on her body to see how long she's been gone.

"Can you take me to the snow covered mountains, Prince?"

My life was controlled by a new women now, a women made out of snow.

She was the Queen and I, her Prince of Snow.

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