Help me down or leave me dry


3. the emotions are real


I woke up the next morning excited for the concert. I got ready and headed for the venue. The guy punched my ticket and pulled me aside and told me to follow him.

I obeyed and went with him. We got to a room and he opened the door looked in and motioned to go in. I walked in and stood in the room. The guy went up to Andy and said something to him. Soon after that he left.

Andy can up hugged me and said

"I promise to help u" I looked at him confused. He took my arm and started kissing my scars I was so shocked that I didn't no what was happening at first. After u realized what he was doing I began to cry.

Once he was done he wrapped me in another hug. A lady came in seconds later telling them they needed to go on stage. Andy drug me along and let me watch from side stage.

After the show the guys came off and started to head back to the dressing room Andy was last to get off stage. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him.

Somewhere behind us I heard gun shots being fired. Andy and I ducked down and in front of us the rest of the band was in the same position. A security guy came up begins us and pushed us along and pulled me away from Andy. I looked behind me to see Matt running at me full speed. I screamed and ran trying to catch up with Andy. He saw me running and what I was running from.

He looked so mad. He broke away from security and ran at me grabbing my hand. As quick as he got there he turned around and drug me along with him. We got to their van and the security guys told him that I couldn't go.

"Ok then neither can I" he said looking them dead in the eyes. They nodded annoyed and Andy drug me in with him. There wasn't much room so he improvised and put me on his lap. I blushed deep red.

"Aww somebody's embarrassed" Ashley laughed pointing at my face. Defensively I flipped him off and everybody laughed at my gesture.

Then a few minutes later we arrived at there hotel. We got out and walked in. The guys went to their room and Andy stopped in the lobby with me.

"I have my own room i want u to stay with me tonight" he said. I nodded and followed him to his room.

"Ok who was he and why was he chasing u??" Andy asks kindly trying not to set off my emotions at the moment.

Oh boy was this goin to be a long story.

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