The Virgin Girl

My parent are super religious, but I'm not. My dad thinks I'm a sweet christian girl, but I'm not. My mom thinks I'm an A+ student, but I just cheat to be that perfect smart girl they want. My older brother thinks I'm a goody two shoes, but I'm the complete opposite. My little sister looks up to me as her hero, but she shouldn't. I think I'm a screw up that deserves to go to Hell now, but God won't kill me.


3. Chapter 3

            I woke up Saturday from my phone buzzing next to my ear. I looked at who texted me. 
Clay: Hey do you want to do something today?
Me: I have to check with my parents
I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and then went downstairs. My mom and dad were sitting at the bar drinking coffee. "Oh you're up early." My dad said putting his coffee mug down. "Yea, I have a question?" "What is it?" My mom asked looking at me. "My friend wants to hang out today...Would that be okay?" "Well we would like to meet this friend." My mom said sipping on her coffee. I gulped because Clay was a gay girl and my parents despised gay people. "Of course...She has her own car." "Alright well, just ask when she wants to hang out and that we need to meet her." "I will..." I walked back up to my room and went to our messages. 
Clay: Okay
Me: Hey so my parents want to meet you, but they're really religious....And I know that you're gay....Could you possibly wear something girly?
Clay: Of course, I have a pink dress I'll wear....But I'm changing when we leave tho
Me: Awesome and yea that's fine, but when did you want to hang out? 
Clay: Well it's 8 now, what about 12? We could do lunch and then something else
Me: Sounds good to me :)
I went back to my parents. "Well she said 12 and then we could do lunch and then something else afterwards." "Okay, that's fine. What's her name?" My mom said. "Clay." "Clay? That's kind of boyish." I chuckled. "Yea it is but she can't help that." "Indeed she can't." "How old is she?" "Seventeen." "Okay." I looked at my dad. "Dad are you okay with me hanging out with her?" "Of course. You need to get out of the house." I smiled and went up to my room.

            Around 11:45 she got here. I saw her pull into the driveway and start walking up to the door. She wore a coral summers dress with a black light sweater around her shoulders, and she had a blonde wig on. She defiantly looked like a girly girl. I heard the knock and grabbed my purse and phone and ran downstairs. I answered the door. "Hey Clay." "Hey Kat." We both smiled. "Come in." She walked in. Her makeup looked so good today. She had a black wing with a light brown eye shadow and she had contoured her face. Normally she just does the wing. "You must be Clay." My mom smiled while shaking her hand and so did my dad. "Nice to me you Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith." "Oh just call me Jen." "Yea just call me Henry." She nodded. "So is Clay short for something?" "Nope..." My mom wasn't really happy with her name. "Well honey let these girls have fun." "Of course....Be careful you two." "We will mom." I said closing the door.

          We got into her car and she back out of the driveway. "I'm going to go back home and change." "Alright, I really appreciate what you did." "No problem....I can tell your mom didn't like my name." "Yea she didn't. I told her that she can't help what her mom named her." "My real name is Ally...." "Ally? How'd you get Clay?" "Ally Clay Madison." "Oh...makes sense." She chuckled. "Clay was my dads name and he died from stepping on a land mine in the army." "I'm sorry." "Never met him so it's okay." "So what made you want to go by Clay?" "Well it's more of a boyish name and I'm kind of a Dyke as you can tell." "True....What about your mom?" "Oh my mom loves me to death. At first when I came out to her she was upset, but she defiantly opened up to me being gay and loves me for me. But Kat what's up with you? I see the way you look at me at school. It's not just a look you give your friends, it more of a damn she's hot look. What's your sexuality?" "Um...Well I would say maybe Bisexual." "Have you ever been with a girl or guy?" "Nope...." "Then what makes you think you're Bi?" "Well girls have always caught my eye and guys catch my eye too but not as much as girls do." "Interesting...." "I mean I guess...." I looked out the car window and began to go into my own thoughts.

           After she changed back into her normal clothes we left to go to lunch at Panera Bread. We walked in and ordered our food and then sat down to eat. We talked about random things. I told her a little bit about my family and she told a little bit about hers. After lunch we decided that we would just go back to her moms house and chill there. When we got back to her mom's house her mom was home. "Hey mom...." "Hey Ally..." She turned around from washing the dishes and we caught each others eyes. Her mom was short and thin and had long black hair. "Oh hello Ally's friend." "I'm Katy..." I smiled and she smiled back. "I'm Mel...Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too." Clay pulled me to her room and we sat on the edge of her bed. "You're mom seems very nice." "Yea she is. What do you want to watch?" She said flicking through the shows on Netflix. "Whatever is fine with me." "Okay well I'm just gonna play Orange is the new black. I have to finish this season before the new one comes out." She chuckled and hit play. "I liked this show but after the second season it kind of went downhill, hopefully the forth season is good." "Oh you've already seen the third one?" "Not all I'm like on the last two episodes. Me and Lola would watch it together." "Speaking of Lola have you heard anything about what's going on?" "Oh yea she didn't tell you?" "Nope...." "Her mom and dad decided that she can stay there but they took her door off and they all cleaned out her room. They found the rest of her stash, and now they're going do a daily check in her room. She agreed to do so." "That has to suck...Another thing, do you know anything about her sexuality?" "She is super straight. Trust me, she did try stuff with a girl but she said she didn't like it, like she does with a guy." "Damn...." "Why?" "I just find her really attractive...." My heart sunk a little and I looked at her. "Do you like her?" "No, I just find her attractive. I can't get feelings for someone. Not after what Heather did to me." "Well Heather is a bitch...Don't let her ruin your concept of love. Another girl is out there for you." "I get that but you don't understand how much I loved that girl...Four years....And just like that, it doesn't even matter anymore." She sighed. "I'm sorry...That she played with your heart, but somehow you have to get over her." She looked at me. "You're right."

                Clay took me home about two hours later. She didn't come inside she just dropped me off and left before my parents saw the real her. Grace and Gavin were sitting on the sofa watching TV while my mom was doing some kind of craft. "Is that you Katy?" "Yes mom it's me." I said walking up to my room to get into some sweat pants. I put my hair in a messy bun and put my phone on the charger. I walked to my mom's office. "What are you doing?" I asked standing in front of the door way. "Oh just making some jewelry. How was hanging out with Clay?" "It was fun, after lunch we just hung out at her mom's house. I met her mom and she seems really nice." "That's good..." "I found out that Clay's first name is Ally." "Why does she go by Clay?" "Her full name is Ally Clay Madison and she goes by Clay in remembrance of her dad." "So her dad died?" "Yea by stepping on land mine." "That's sad...But I like Ally better." "Yea...What did you think of her?" "She seemed like a sweet girl. Maybe one weekend we could invite her and her mom over for dinner." She looked up and smiled. "Ask her for me if it's okay if I call her Ally." "Okay, I will when my phone is charged." She nodded and then I left the room.  


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