The Virgin Girl

My parent are super religious, but I'm not. My dad thinks I'm a sweet christian girl, but I'm not. My mom thinks I'm an A+ student, but I just cheat to be that perfect smart girl they want. My older brother thinks I'm a goody two shoes, but I'm the complete opposite. My little sister looks up to me as her hero, but she shouldn't. I think I'm a screw up that deserves to go to Hell now, but God won't kill me.


2. Chapter 2

        One month later I woke up from my alarm beeping loudly in my ear. I hit the off button and sat up in my bed. "Five o'clock is just way to early to get up for school." I said to myself as I stumbled my way to my bathroom. I clicked on the light and my eye stung as the florescent lights shone into my eyes. I brushed my teeth and did the rest of my business. Once I was done straightening my wavy red hair. Yes I'm a ginger. I have the red hair, freckles and green eyes. Anyway, but I did my makeup and then went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I poured some Apple Jacks in a bowl and poured the milk in. I sat down at the bar, and then Gavin came downstairs to the kitchen. "Why are you sitting in the dark?" He asked while flicking the light on. "I just didn't feel like turning on the light." He shook his head and got cereal as well. 

            After breakfast Gavin and I got into his car to go to school. Gavin and I never talked that much to each other so the car was silent. He pulled into his parking spot then we split up. I met up with Jack and Lola by the band room. I only saw Jack there. "Hey, where's Lola?" "Oh, she went to go meet up with Clay." "Is she coming back?" "Yea....What do you think about Clay?" "She seems pretty chill....What about you?" "I have her in my U.S. history class and she's really quiet, so as of right now I can't really tell you." "So she's a Junior?" "Yea...." I looked down the hall and saw Lola and Clay walking up to us. Lola looked like a hot mess and Clay looked hot as always. "Hey Katy..." "Hey Lola, you doing okay?" "Oh yea, woke up late didn't have time to do anything with my hair. I'm probably going to get IC for being out of dress code, but oh well." She chuckled and looked at her phone. "Hey Kat...." "Hey Clay." We both smiled at each other. I felt my phone buzz, so I looked at it. 
Lola: Do you have any extra clothes?
Me: In my locker yes
"Well, look me and Katy are going to her locker to get something. You two talk." Lola grabbed my hand and tugged me to my locker. I unlocked it and grabbed the spare clothes I had. "Here you go." "Come with me." "Okay..." We walked to the bathroom and she made me go into the big stall with her. "The reason I look like this is because I got kicked out of my house last night." She said as she started to strip down. "For what?" "Parent's found my stash...." "Nice job...I told you to hide that somewhere else..." "Well I didn't think they would have found it..." "So now what?" "Well, my mom texted me telling me that I can come get clothes, but until I learn how to be an A+ and B+ student then I can't come home. Clay said she would talk to her mom and see if I could stay there." "What if you can't?" "I would ask you but I know your parents." "What about your uncle?" "My uncle is a drunk and my cousin is a creep. I'll figure it out I guess." "Well I can try to talk to my parents about it....I'll just be like Lola needs Jesus and I know that we can help her." We both laughed. 

               Once she changed and I brushed and french braided her dark brown hair, the bell rang. "Thank you so much, and thanks for the gum." She hugged me and then left to go to class. I walked into first period which was English 3. I sat down at my group table and then Travis came in and sat down next to me. "You look pissed...." He looked at me and yawned. "Hell yea, I'm pissed..." "What happened?" I asked. "Baseball couch kicked me off the damn team." "Why?" "Cause I wasn't good enough....That's what he told me." "That's messed up." "For sure...." The late bell rang. "Alright class...." Mrs. Matson said standing up out of seat. "Today you all will be going to read a short story in the literature book, and after the short story you will answer the twenty questions. The assignment is due tomorrow at the beginning of class." She wrote down the page number's and then told us to begin. I just sat there staring at the title The Raven.

               After school Gavin dropped me off at home and he went to work. I did my usual, which is listen to music and go on my social media accounts on my laptop as my phone charged. I was on Facebook and saw a post from Clay. 
Clay Madison - is feeling heartbroken
I love it when you put so much effort into a relationship but then find that person is a lying bitch. Wasted four years of my life. 
It had twenty eight likes and ten comments. I read the comments;
Carter William - So sorry that you wasted four years on that girl
Ryan Myers - *Hugs...Text me darling!
Heather Colon - Love how you need to post something about this....
Clay Madison - It's my Facebook and I can post what I want....Problem?
Heather Colon - Yea actually nobody needs to know our problems!
Clay Madison - Didn't even say anything about the break up, just how I feel
Heather Colon - Whatever....
Lola King - Heather Colon why don't you just hop off....You've done enough damage to Clay why add more
Heather Colon - Lola King stfu....She hurt me too so you hop off...Clay is just some transgender girl who acts like she's tough but in the real world she won't do shit because she's to pussy to do so lol 
Lola King - Heather Colon you're a sad human....
I decided to say something to Heather.
Katy Smith - Heather Colon I may not know what is all going on but to call Clay Madison a pussy....Is quiet childish
I went on to scrolling down my feed and saw Clay messaged me. As I opened the message my mom came home, so I quickly logged out and closed my laptop. 

           I grabbed my phone and went on to messenger as I went down stairs. 
Clay: Hey
Me: Hey, you okay?
Clay: Nah, pissed and upset
Me: Want to talk about it?
Clay: Girlfriend cheated on me with a guy and got pregnant...
Me: Wow...Hey here's my number text me on there...281-315-****
"Katy help me bring in these groceries..." My mom said as she put two bags of stuff on the counter. I put my phone in my pocket and went out to the car to get some bags. 

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