The Virgin Girl

My parent are super religious, but I'm not. My dad thinks I'm a sweet christian girl, but I'm not. My mom thinks I'm an A+ student, but I just cheat to be that perfect smart girl they want. My older brother thinks I'm a goody two shoes, but I'm the complete opposite. My little sister looks up to me as her hero, but she shouldn't. I think I'm a screw up that deserves to go to Hell now, but God won't kill me.


1. Chapter 1

      "Miss Smith...." I looked up to the chalk board and looked at my teacher Mr. John. "Yes?" "Are you paying attention? Because we have a test on this in two days." "I am..." I looked over to see the bitches giggling. Those bitches are named, Tess, Sarah, and Nichole. Tess had long beautiful blonde hair and those crystal blue eyes. Sarah had shoulder length wavy light brown hair and had hazel eyes. Nichole was a mixed girl with really curly brown hair and brown eyes. I found Nichole really attractive and less of a bitch. "Girl's is there something funny?" Tess looked up at Mr. John. "No not at all." "Okay then, shall I get back to my lesson now?" He looked at the girls and then at me with a raised eyebrow. I shook my head and then he continued. 

      The bell rang to go to lunch. I packed up my things and rushed out of the classroom to meet up with my friends, Jack, Travis, and Lola. I sat down looking at my phone and heard someone grunt. I looked up and saw Lola looking at. "Sorry....How y'all doing?" "First, meet the new girl." Lola pointed next to her. I looked over and saw this girl with short hair and the side of her head were shaved off and the rest of hair was gelled back. She had these really light brown eyes. "I'm Clay." "I'm Katy." She put her hand out and we shook. Clay was defiantly someone who I was really attracted to.

      Once I got home and went to my room. I went on to Spotify and started playing my playlist and went on Facebook. I got a friend request so I went to go see who it was. Clay Madison. I accepted it and went onto her page. I read her info, 
First name: Clay
Last name: Madison
Sex: Female
Interested in: Female
Relationship status: In a relationship with Heather Colon
I looked onto her girlfriends page and saw on Heather's profile picture of them kissing. Heather had bob-cut hair style and her hair was dyed blue. I heard a ding from Facebook and it was a message from Clay. I looked at the message
Clay: Hey it was really nice to meet you today
Me: Hey, yes it was nice to meet you today too
Clay: Do you normally sit at that table?
Me: Yes 
Clay: Okay cool....Has anyone called you Kat?
Me: My ex-best friend from middle school did like once but no one really calls me Kat
Clay: Do you mind if I call you Kat?
Me: I don't mind
She said nothing else and I went on about my day.

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