Just Kids (Harry Potter fan-fic)

Septima Dolohov is a Death eater's daughter and a Proud Gryffindor's daughter. Septima just wants to be a normal girl who is equally loved by both parents. It doesn't work if her mother Scarlet is always oohing, and aw-ing, over her twin sister Kendra Dolohov. After a while of being at Hogwarts, Septima starts to make friends. She meet's Lucas Longbottom, He's a shy boy who always seem's to get himself into some sort of trouble. Lucas and Septima become good friends, although he is in Ravenclaw and she's a Slytherin born. (This is a Harry Potter fan-fic. I made this a future Hogwarts story so there is people with the original characters last names and they descended from them.)


1. Leaving Home

Septima Dolohov had just finished packing her things for Hogwarts. She was really excited and eager to get there. Septima looked in the mirror to boost her confidence. She had long black hair, mocha tanned skin, and beautiful goblin green cat eyes. she never she thought she was as beautiful as her twin sister Kendra. Kendra looked exactly like Septima. the only differnce was their hair. Kendra had platinum blonde hair just like their mothers. 

    Buckling up her suitcase and heading downstairs, Septima comes across her father Kraus. He is eating 6 sausages and 3 eggs. Septima did not look at her father in disgust because over-eating was a normal thing for him to do. He was a very handsome man is what everybody thought. His short black hair was always gelled back, and his shirt always tucked in his pants. He did have quite a rather bushy mustache, but Septima did not care.

Razah Dolohov, Septima's little brother runs around the Kitchen with his toy wand.

"Hah, you don't have a real wand yet!" Septima laughs holding up her 

Redwood wood with a Dragon heartstring core 11 ¾" and Brittle flexibility wand.

Razah rolls his eyes and runs upstairs. Septima's house elf Harry, follows Razah.

"Septima, do you have your things?" He asks her. Septima nods and he nods back.

"Good. End of discussion, grab your things and head over to the fireplace." He demands. Kraus was not necessarily a nice guy. Although he did care for his daughters very much, he just had a hard time of showing it.

 Scarlet Dolohov, proud Gryffindor, mother of two, walks in with Septima's twin sister Kendra. Septima always thought her mother Scarlet was the most beautiful person she had ever seen. Her glossy platinum blonde hair, nearly turning grey is waving around and bouncing off her body. She is wearing a medium length dress that is white with some tessellating flowers.

"Mother, I will be okay! No need to worry.." Kendra shouts, fixing her hair ribbons.

"My darling! do you have everything?" Her mother asked Kendra. Kendra nodded with an eye roll.

"Good! I know my little princesses with be proud Gryffindors one day!" Scarlet exclaims. Her father looked at her mother in disagreement. He stand up, and grabs his hat.

"Not so fast. Slytherin is the house we should be looking forward too." he protests. Septima laughs. Their parents always had different opinions. After all, she was a Gryffindor, and her father was a Slytherin. There parents always knew Kendra would be a Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, but her mother never suggested Slytherin.

    Septima and Kendra were born October first 2002. This year was going to be their first year of Hogwarts. Both girls were just 11 years old and had no expirience with magic at all. Well, at least Kendra didn't. Septima has a little experience with magic. Septima and her father have been sneaking out to a magic library in the woods to practice simple charms. Her father had always wanted her to be the very best at everything.

    At platform 9 and 3/4, Septima, Kendra, and their parents stand waiting for the train. Septima shivers. She is very nervous for her first year of Hogwarts. Will she make friends easily like Kendra? She thought about all of the worries that could possibly happen. Septima's father grabs her wrist and drags her over to a family of three leaving Kendra and her mother behind.

Septima steps behind her father unsure of what is to happen.

"Kornelius Rowle. What a coincidence." Septima's father sneers.

Kornelius looks up away from his handsome son and grins.

"Aha, Hogwarts has a special year coming this year. My son is most definitely going into Slytherin."

"As are my daughters. Septima is for sure, Kendra..her mother thinks of her as a proud Gryffindor. I think of her as a...super bubbly Sytherin." Kraus says.

Soon the train comes and it's time for Septima to go. 

Kraus gets on his knees to face Septima.

"Now, you know what house you are going to be in. Don't get into lots of trouble-here" He hands Septima a rememberall.

"For me father? What about Kendra?" She asks uncertain.

"Kendra has many surprises coming for her this year anyways with her mother spoiling her." He laughs. 

Scarlet, Septima's mother, and Kendra, her sister, arrive at their side.

"Mother? We're from Amsterdam, that's in Holland...how are we able to go to Hogwarts if they only accept kids from Great Britain and Ireland?" She asks twirling her perfectly platinum blonde curls with a hint of black.

"Oh sweetie. There are tests for outsiders to take before entering. If we didn't do the test for you, you would have gone to beauxbatons." Her mother smiles.

Septima and Kendra were shooed off into the train. Kendra smiles, and her dimples are deep in her cheeks.

"Where are you going to sit?" Kendra asks Septima in a sweet voice.

"Umm..." Septima did not know how to answer. After all, Jackson's compartment had boys full.

"I think where ever you are going to sit." She tries. Kendra laughs.

"Haha, Septima, we both know you won't like sitting with Hufflepuffs." 

Kendra had a point. Septima could not stand those who were quirky at the times she wasn't.

"Alright I'll just go and sit with them.." Septima points at a compartment that has a girl with medium length black hair.

"Okay! have a splendid time!" Kendra says as she hops away like a bunny.

Septima enters the compartment.

"Excuse me can I sit here?" Septima asks the girl.

"Uh, sure?" The girl replies unsure.

"I'm Septima by the way." Septima informs.

"Lexi, Lexi Clarke." She says.

Lexi had deep cheekbones and no freckles. Septima had a dozen freckles around her nose.

"What house do you think you're gonna get in?" she asks Septima.

Septima doesn't even have to think.

"Slytherin for sure." 

"Same here. You have a dutch accent..are you from Holland, Paris..?" She asks.

"I'm from Holland. I'm not supposed to come to Hogwarts but my parents found a way to get us in. They are originally from great Britain, but after my horrible ancestor Antonin Dolohov died, our family kinda shifted where we were going to live." Septima informs again.

"Wow, that's interesting..." she replies. 

Suddenly a boy with dark skin, and black hair comes in with a little magazine in his hand.

"Hey ladies..." He smiles and winks.

Septima scoffs. 

"Don't wink. It doesn't get you girls."  

"Winking's the classic." He shakes his head.

"well, it happens to be the present." Septima shoots back.

Jordan shakes his head. "Why."

Lexi sits their and blushes, yet she doesn't show interest in him.

"Ugh, yea winking is horrible." Lexi groans trying to force a frown.

"Whats your name?" Septima asks him.

"Jordan. Jordan Potter." 

Septima jumps back.

"A Potter in our year?" 

"Yup, i'm a first year. Whats your name?" He asks them.

"Septima Dolohov."

"'Lexi Clarke!" She beams happily.

"Nice to meet you guys. See ya later." He finishes as he leaves the compartment.

Septima pets her Black cat Stella.

"It's going to be a fun year Stella." 

Lexi holds her heart and smiles out the window. Septima can only assume she finds Jordan charming.






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