A new time

Its the 71st annual hunger games district 9 hasn't seen winners in ten years but when clove is reaped will she bring pride to her district or will she lose her life for a boy


1. I saw fire burning

     i smelt smoke as i awoke from my cold bed the i saw a fires flame flicker across the room i sprinted away and rushed out of my house to see that now my house was a pile of ashes not a good way to start a reaping day. It felt like all of district 9 was watching me feeling bad. Its okay said a voice behind me it was coltin my best friend. Thanks i said as i walk away shocked tears started to stream down my face. i didn"t look to bad i thought for just waking up but now i had nothing it used to be just me and my brother but he got sent to the hunger games and came back in a beaten up coffin and it was just me and the house but now it is just me. All of a sudden the reaping bell went off oh no i thought the reaping is about ti start 

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