New movella


1. new boy in town

*Rosy's pov*

It's been weeks since I've seen Tyler. Yeah that's right I date the lead singer from twenty one pilots. He has been on tour for 6 months and I have been alone this whole time. *Phone rings* it's Tyler.

Tyler: hey babe

Rosy: sup

Tyler: we won't be home for another week

Rosy: why what's wrong?

Tyler: nothing just the bus broke down

Tyler: gtg

Rosy: bye

Man I wish he would be home soon. I am so tired why don't I go to bed.

*the next mornig*

When I go to make my breakfast I get a text. It's from my brother. He says, "hey sis why don't we hang at the park today at 1 o'clock." I respond with a yes and I go to get ready. I am getting undressed to take a shower when my phone buzzes. It's Tyler, he says "what you up to?" I respond with a getting ready to see my brother."

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