Starcrossed: Soulmate Chronicles

Cole works as a tattoo artist and when Lyra comes in to get a name covered he finds that not everyone is okay with a name dictating who they fall in love with.
Roman rejected the idea of soulmates early on in life and crossed out the name of his supposed soulmate mere weeks after it appeared, but he meets Vee and his views on love are changed, possibly forever.
Sebastian and Dani have been in a relationship for three years and it appears to be going strong still, but after Sebastian's run in with Rhea it is revealed that not all good things last and he experiences something unheard of in the history of soulmates.
When everyone stated to get the names of their soulmates, Elijah never did and at 22 there is still no name to be seen anywhere. Elijah is convinced he was born without a soulmate, but then he meets Christian who claims Elijah is his soulmate. Elijah and Christian struggle to have a relationship through the fact they are both male.
Love and Loss and Challenges face them all

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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