Like Snow


1. 1


imagine snow
has seen colour, for the first time.
seen the flurry of emotion,
seen colour, now begging colour:
begging for more colour from the world.
dredging colour,
drowning colour
pick me apart and bleed me colour:
blue eyes and blue blood and red lips and red heart
and sand and sky and grass and screaming sea -
and colour, touch me
paint me, dress me up
and colour, save me
turn white to black
and ash to blood.
and give the snow the colour it begs you
silk and glass and diamonds, dripping
feathers and ash and colour, colour them
colour dig up emotions
where a body is emotionless,
and speak colourful words
where silver tongues speak reckless,
and colour-chaos
fill me up where this mind
lives mindless
and colour this girl like snow, in.



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