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  • Published: 1 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 1 Aug 2016
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DESTINY is her name, and fate is her game. [ a 'six feet above' one shot - can be read alone]





THE SUN SLOWLY MAKES ITS descent from its high throne. As its presence fades, its surroundings starts to bleed and bruise. Blotches appear in the deepest corners as the moon clambers and scrabbles to its temporary position in the sky. Mortal eyes are too busy witnessing the joining of a couple to even consider the brilliance of the ever-changing sky.

Hateful, quiet whispers mar the serenity.

I heard she slept with the best man.

Wasn't she married before?

I'm sure she bragged about that dress costing more than the wedding itself.

Apparently she's only marrying him for his money.

According to the best man, she worked on the streets and apparently still does.

Those seductive deceitful words come from witnesses wearing fake smiles and smart clothes. From the hundreds of people sat in perfectly arranged white, wooden chairs. Elderly women, sitting in the back wearing atrocious frilly hats, lean in to gossip secrets about the bride, about the family of the groom. They sit back every so often, smug smiles sat on their chapped lips. The men are no better – ogling the bride in her skin-tight, innocent, white wedding dress. Making comments about her generation.

Where, oh where, to start? Destiny thinks, staring at the potential in front of her. Her ankle burns, a constant reminder of her enslavement eons ago. A fire ravages her body, her slender fingers flexing. Immediately, she targets the merry couple. Too easy, she thinks, Much too obvious. They would be better to play with further along down the line. Judging by the Chinese whispers circling, it be predictable to cause them problems within their first moments of binding. The beauty of couples is that the later you play around, toy with their fragile relationship, the more doubts you could slide in. There's also a bigger chance for more collateral damage.

Her eyes skim over the ones closer to death. Death herself could claim them. Any plans Destiny had for them... Atropos would be a killjoy and cut their life-string before the fun could even begin. She had always been too serious, even for herself. Klotho wouldn't care what Destiny had decided to do. Klotho only cared about starting the weave. It was the middle sister she needed to be wary of.


The goddess unleashed her terrible fury on anyone if she had even an inkling that someone was meddling with her plans. Since her escape, Destiny had always been careful. Although once or twice she'd barely managed to flee scathe-free. It was that reaction though, that made her want to mess with Lachesis' plans. That one blip of emotion she'd seen from the goddess that she could exploit.

Closing her eyes, she allows her mind to expand. Slowly, her mind blankets over all of the mortals. Their life strings hum with endless energy. She can feel as the seconds slip away from them, every step closer they take towards Death. All their memories play in her mind, all their simple wishes and dreams. She smiles at them. The feeling of their hope gives her pleasure but the thought of ruining them? Tingles explode all over her body.

Several minds intrigue her. It's only then, that she has her greatest idea.

Her silver eyes open.


Dark hair cascades over her face. With a hood covering the top of her hair, it's almost impossible to identify her face. Not that she'd mind – either way, she's like a shadow on Earth. She comes and goes as she pleases. Mainly to create havoc with mortals' life strings. The Moirai's 'extra' job is to set certain events off during a mortal's life. Destiny's job is to play around with said event. Just to piss Lachesis off.

As she spots the girl walking closer to the man, Destiny's fingers snap loudly. A burst of birds quickly swoop across the pathway. The girl shrieks. Her arms come up to cover her face, her body bending at an awkward angle. She shies away, distancing herself from the man. Destiny wants to leave, find another one of her wedding victims, but she learned from her very first time. Some events have a nasty habit of happening regardless of how much you mess around. In this case, Destiny knows it's one that Lachesis made sure would arise.

Heaviness floods her, as the man drops to the floor. Just as she last bird rushes past, the girl notices him. She lets out an audible gasp, sprinting to him. A hint of fury fills Destiny. As much as she wants to cut his strings, she knows he's just a pawn in this girl's life. It's time to up her game. Blowing some air, she watches as a heavy breeze forceful pushes the girl to the side. Almost tripping. As she's getting her bearings and stumbling messily to help the fallen, that Destiny influences several people in the area to gather round. Create a scene, cause a little bit of havoc unintentionally.

Her plan works.

The crowd forms an almost impenetrable shield. In the time it takes for the girl to get to the fallen man, Destiny knows there's nothing she can do to save the man. His life is nothing but collateral damage. His life thread gone. Destiny can only feel a faint pulsating – the last of his energy, crying out for Death. Pushing herself away from her hiding spot, she walks straight over to the girl. Her outfit changes as she walks closer. Replacing the all black, leather combo of a motorcycle chick, she changes into a frilly pink shirt, with baby blue denim jeans and tan heels that shoe-lovers would die for.

Subconsciously, the crowd separate as she moves through. Of course, they can see her. But as she moves past, she's like a faded memory. With outstretched hands, the mortals can try and hold onto her beautiful image but it'll slip from their grasp and only fragments remain. Destiny doesn't care if they remember her. One mortal, however, needs to.

"You failed," Destiny whispers into her ears. The girl stiffens, sniffling can be heard, "if only you'd gotten there quicker. If only you hadn't stumbled over your own two feet. This innocent man could have been alive. Maybe if you'd listened to your instincts, you could have saved him." Destiny can see the instant effects of her words on the female. Her shoulders have drooped, head hanging low. Her voice is slightly warbled as she uses her phone to ring for exterior help. Just the finishing touch, and she'll be able to leave. "If you couldn't save a single man, how are you going to be a doctor?"

Destiny bounces as she walks away. Her plan for the first female has already been set into motion. Now, for the second victim.


Her head lays back in the pool, the sun shining on her delightfully. She takes in a deep breath, a champagne flute dangling loosely from her hand. Freedom is so sweet. She's sure she'll never be able to get used to it. Maybe even never get enough of it. She'd lost centuries to her enslavers. Centuries that she'll never get back, even if she is immortal.

"This is a complete mess." Irritation from her intruder is the least of her worries. Destiny opens one eye. The goddess in front of her is looking at the blood and gore coating the garden. She doesn't seem best pleased.

"Bastet." Destiny raises her flute. "Have you suddenly grown bored of being worshipped as the cat goddess?"

"Careful with your tongue, Ananke. I can swipe it before you'd even realised I'd made a move." Bastet slinks forward, her tail dragging in the puddles of mud. Black fur glints in the afternoon sun. Her head moves around, yellow eyes taking in her surroundings. Claws jut out, at the ready to attack.

"No need to show off your skills. They're all dead."

"Because of you, or because of Atropos?" The name comes off her tongue with a sneer.

"The plan went awry." Destiny gave her a side smile. "Sue me." She shrugs, moving slightly up in the hot tub. Bastet may have grown gentler in the years since she'd given up being a warrior, but she still deserves respect.

"Ananke, you have caused a lot of chaos."

Destiny groans, "Don't call me 'Ananke'. It's Destiny now."

Bastet tuts. Her gold collar glints beautifully. Destiny strokes her own throat; would she suit a collar? Could she pull it off like Bastet? Or would she look a slave again? She doesn't feel like resembling the latter.

"I forgot you had taken a mortal's name." She shies away from the water. Despite refusing to act the animal she's worshipped for, she's kept some of their similarities – especially the dislike for large volumes of liquid. "But still, you are causing a scene. You do not think your masters will not search for you?"

"I have no masters, Bastet. You know this."

Bastet's paws would rather soak up the blood than even go near the hot tub. Destiny is sure that Bastet would love the warmth from the water, if only she'd give it a whirl. The goddess would strike out, leaving deep claw marks if Destiny even played with the idea of dragging her in.

"We all answer to someone. I answer to Ra. You don't see me slaughtering mortals."

"Since when did you care about mortals, Bastet? They made you a fuckin' cat goddess." Bastet's lips curl upwards. A hiss erupts from her mouth. Destiny flinches slightly. Shaking her head, her red mane shimmering, she composes herself. The former warrior still carries a petrifying aura. "Wouldn't you like to go on a little hunt for me?"

"Your hunts are useless." Bastet shrugs. Her tail wraps around her thigh. "There's no excitement. No thrill."

"So apart from coming to lecture me on my hobby, is there anything you want? Did the Moirai finally send you after me?"

"I do not answer to the likes of you," it's partially an insult. While they've maintained a semi-friendship, Destiny knows that if it comes down to her or the cat, she'll pick herself. Vice versa for Bastet. The gods have never liked each other, especially when it came down to the mortals' attention. "But, since you want to chase this chaotic dream of yours, I have some information."

"The catch?" There's always a catch, no matter who is providing the information. No such thing as free information, Destiny thinks.

"None." Bastet's whiskers are pointing downwards. She's relaxed, which means Destiny isn't in for a fight. Not that she'd have an issue with a fight, but she wants to save her energy for mass destruction. Maybe with some genocide added in, depends on her mood. "Think of this as... what do the mortals call it? A favour?"

Destiny nods cautiously, "So you want a freebie in the future? Fine. Go on then." She waves her hand before sliding down into the tub. Her head rests back, and she's glad for the sun to caress her face. Maybe Apollo is watching her. Let him. Let him try and find her. She'll fight him with all she has – she's not afraid of one of the many sun gods.

"A mortal has risen, without the touch of any of us." This new information is interesting to Destiny. It's something new.

"Not even God?" The one deity that most mortals now worship. From what Destiny has heard, he's extraordinarily benevolent. Not someone she's too interested in meeting. That said, he supposedly played with his own son's soul. Saved him at the last minute. How dull. Where is his thrill of potential bloodshed?

"Apparently not. It has caused an uproar with the gods. The mortals and those who are gifted do not know about it yet."


"They are not sure what it is. Female, male... it is just a soul to us." It almost sounds as if Bastet is disappointed. "You should know this. You are a goddess."

"I don't care if it's a fish," Destiny snaps, "I wanted to know to make it easier to find them."

"All I know is that Isis felt a burst of life where there shouldn't have been. Nephthys reported that she felt something was missing. As if something was taken from her. I do not know what your gods have felt, but it has disturbed us greatly." Bastet stares, unblinking, at Destiny. "I'm sure there will be a great search for it. You do not have time to waste. We will find it, and we will destroy it."

Within the blink of an eye, Bastet turned and jumped onto all fours. Watching the cat goddess bound into the distance, Destiny smiles.

You can run from a lot of things, but you can't run from Destiny.


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