Happy Birthday Harry Potter style

Happy Birthday songs, Harry Potter style. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!


1. Harry

Year One: Happy birthday to you
You went to a zoo.
You almost killed Dudley,
Who smells like snake poo.

Year Two:
Happy Birthday to you.

You got to Hogwarts and Flew.
You almost killed Ginny,
And Dobby almost killed you.

Year Three:
Happy birthday to you.
Marge is a balloon.
Your teacher's a werewolf,
And the convicts here, too.

Year Four:
Happy birthday to you.
You're sent to your doom.
You face off with dragons.
And the merpeople, too.

Year Five:
Happy birthday to you.
The Order's shunned you.
You're real mad at Dumby,
And a choco treat, too (Fudge.)

Year Six:
Happy birthday to you.
Where's Dumby got to?
Now he is dead,
And Snape's mad at you.

Year Seven:
Happy birthday to you.
Where are you headed to?
You're hunting Horcruxes,
But the last one is YOU.

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