I Love My New Brother

Hunter and Cole were always polar opposites. They went to the same high school and never spoke. Things changed when Hunter's mom and Cole's dad got married. These two guys soon learned that they love each other... in a different kind of way. WARNING -- This story will contain explicit language and acts. You might be triggered.


4. Worst Day of My Life


My life is going really great. I'm going on my second date with Jacob today, Emma and I are practically best friends now, and Hunter was training me to be stronger like him. Man it was going great, until Dad came to talk to me.

"Cole, can I come in?" He asked. "Sure Dad!" "I have to talk to you. I know I should've told you earlier, but... your mom and her fiancé are coming to dinner tonight." HELL NO! "Dad, I have a date tonight, and she doesn't know I'm gay, and you KNOW I don't like her." "She's your mother. Plus, you can just invite Jacob to eat with us." My dad is an idiot. "Fine. I guess I'll invite him over." "Thanks son. Go tell Hunter to get ready. I love you." "I love you more."

I walked down the hall to Hunter's room and opened the door. He was face timing Emma naked. "Uhh... I'll wait." "It's ok man, come on in." He ran to go get boxers. "Hey Emma. Does he do this usually." "Yea." She sighed. "Do you ever see his dick?" I had to know. Maybe she could tell me how big it is. "Only when I suck it. I milk him DRY!" We both laughed. "Emma baby, don't tell him about what we do." Yelled Hunter. "Do y'all fuck? I just had to ask. They both said no in unison. "We're both virgins, I haven't made love to her... yet." All three of us laughed. "Y'all have to be at our dining table in 5 minutes. Emma, better get here fast." "Ok."

I called Jacob and he was on his way. Now I just had to be ready to tell my mom I was gay. I hope her fiancé isn't a bigot.

Everyone was sitting at the table. My dad on one side, my mom, Rebecca on the other day, Clarissa next to my dad, my mom's fiancé Tyler next to her, me next to my dad, Jacob next to me, Hunter next to Clarissa, and Emma next to him. "So Randall, how has life been going." "Good good. How about you." "Great." This is really boring. Tyler is hot. To bad Jacob is hotter. But Hunter is the hottest. Anyways, I need to heat up this conversation. "So Tyler, where are you from." He started talking with a thick southern accent. "My dad is from Mississippi." Uhh. "My dad is from Tennessee." Uh oh. "And I grew up in Texas." Shit. "Cole, can you introduce me to your friends." "This is my step-brother, Hunter, his girlfriend, Emma, and my b-boyfriend Jacob." I hope they take this well. "Like your friend and he's a boy?" My mom looked confused. She was probably hoping she was right. "No mom, I'm gay." I really hope she doesn't hate me. "I will not allow myself to have a gay step-son." Tyler burst out. "That is against everything we stand for." "Mom, p-please say something." I was trying not to tear up. "You are NOT my son!" That broke me. I ran upstairs crying. "What a sissy." Said Tyler. Hunter, Emma, and Jacob followed me upstairs. All I heard was yelling.

"Rebecca, how dare you come into my house and insult our son like that!" "He's not my son, he's a sodomite. No sodomite can EVER be my son." "He's a virgin." Argued Clarissa. "Makes no difference. My step-son will be taken to a conversation camp by the end of October." "Tyler, you have no jurisdiction over MY son. Clarissa and I have full custody of him. You two will NEVER be allowed to see him for the rest of your god damn lives." "Fine with me. I will never think of him as my son again." "Good. Now get the fuck out of my house." Rebecca and Tyler shuffled out of the house with an angry look on their faces. "God your ex-wife is such a bitch. At least Caleb and I can still communicate." "Yeah, that's why we divorced."

"This is the worst day of my life. I thought that she would still love me. She doesn't. They called me a sissy, a SISSY, a mother fucking sissy." Cole's sadness quickly turned in anger. "I fucking hate her. She a bitch. A dumb bitch. Such a cunt." He punched a hole in the wall. "Cole, baby calm down. It's gonna be ok. Come hug me." Cole went into his arms crying. "Why does she hate me. I gave her so much love and nothing in return." "Cole, it'll be ok. Why don't we have a BFF day tomorrow." Said Emma. "I can help you channel your anger into your training." "We can have a full day date." Thanks guys. I really appreciate what y'all are doing. I glad y'all will always be here for me.

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