I'm a Mutant

Marvel/Mutant Fanfictions.
“Dad, Mom?” I said loudly. Suddenly Somebody grabbed me and put a rag in my face.
“Get off, let go!” I yelled as I went unconscious.


2. Chapter 1 - Stuck

             I awoke in a dungeon of sorts, the walls were made of titanium - I may or may not be able to break through. The floor was steel. I saw rats and mice, and whats that smell. Mildew like ew.

             I looked around there were bars. I'm totally not for sure what their made of. I got up and ran to the bars. Slamming into them hard.

             “Not gonna work, I've tried, failed.” A male voice called out from the shadows of another cell.

             “What did you try?” I asked.

             “Ramming into it like you.” he said.

             “Hmm. . .” I thought aloud.

             “What you thinking?”

             “Ways to get out.”

             “I've tried.”

             “What do they do to you?” I asked.

             He didn't answer.

             “Do I want to?” I asked.

             He said something I couldn't hear.

             “'Could ya repeat?” I asked.

             “They torture you.”

             We were silent for a while.

             “Why?” I inquired.

             “Information, powers, data-”

             “Wait a sec did you say powers?” I interrupted.


             “Why powers? I mean what do they think we are Mutants?” I half joked.

             “I'm a Mutant.” He said quietly.

             “I am too.” I said in the same tune.

             I could tell he was surprised. “I've never meet a girl mutant.” he muttered.

             “What?” I asked.

             “I mean I've only met a few other Mutants.”

             “I've never met any other Mutants.”

             We sat in silence.

             “There had been others.” he said.


             “Here, I met a few, well not formally.”

             “Course you didn't how ya suppose to shake someones had fifteen feet away.”

             He laughed. “There actually had been others. They did the same to them and they left.” He got quiet at 'left'.

             “Oh.” I said quietly. I think you all know what Left meant. “How did you know I was a girl?” I asked.

             “You hair when you rammed the bars and your voice.”


             “I only saw the color of your hair though, just saying.”

             “What color hair do I have?”


             “Darn it!”

             He laughed before we went silent again.

             “How do they take powers from you? By torture I mean?”

             “When they torture you it starts to activate your powers after awhile. But they have this machine that takes it away before it really helps.”

             As soon as he finished some men came in and went to both of our cells.

             I jumped up and got in a corner. When they came in I put up a good fight. So did the Male in the other cell.

             I kicked a guy in the gut, punched another in the eye and broke another ones nose.

             “We don't have time for this.” One of them muttered pulling out a gun. It must have been a taser because I didn't remember anything except blacking out.

             Great job, what a great job, getting knocked out twice in one day – well I think it was one day I was knocked out, but you can't see anything barely in this place.

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