Phoebe Remina

On her 18 birthday a girl who has been having dreams about her mother who gave her away once she was born to save her Remina Realm(her mother and fathers land), has found out she has the responsibility to find specific artifacts that will take her back to her parents and save Remina Realm.

The only problem is, creatures called Khorzaars have been on the hunt for these artifacts since she was born and will stop at nothing to find them and take over Remina Realm forever.


2. The Councillor

“So Phoebe, could you tell me a bit about these dreams you’ve been having?” Asks my Councillor, a middle aged man who is already going grey but looks to be quite muscular, sitting with his legs crossed in the soft red armchair beside the fireplace that looks as if it hasn’t been used in years. All I can think about is how much this room smells like old people and smoke. How can people stand this stench?




Dreams?! More like nightmares I say to myself whist shrugging my shoulders. This man has no idea what he’s asking! Why would I tell someone I’ve only just met about the ‘dreams’ I’ve been having? OK maybe because it’s his job to get this information out of people but still! These are MY dreams. Arghh, why did my Aunt have to get me a councillor?


I stop staring at the notebook on his lap but all I can say is “Um”. Damn it, just tell him Phoebe. He’s going to think your just another loon anyways so just tell him. “Yeah, Sorry”. Is all that comes out my mouth.


“No need to apologise, just take your time” he replies, with the most accepting smile I’ve ever seen. I don’t know whether to find him creepy or whether he is genuinely a nice guy.


“Well” I said, sitting back in my chair. “I’m not entirely sure when it began but I know that every time I have these so called dreams, they add more to them each time. So like, for example, every night my dream would start from where it let off, but when I have the next dream I get this sense of Déjà vu. Like I’ve lived this story before”.


“And what is this story telling you?”


I look him in the eyes and tell him straight.

 “It’s telling me about how King and Queen Remina sent their baby away to save their Realm from an army of creatures that wanted to take over their land.”

Wait, how do I feel so comfortable telling him this? It’s not even real… but it feels real. All of this feels real. Way to real to be a dream.


“Remina?” He asks. He shuffles in his seat making it look like he is getting comfortable, but I can tell on his face that he doesn’t know what to say. “King and Queen Remina you say?”


I nod. “yeah. Remina” …

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