Pretty Little Psycho

She was an artist.

He was her muse.

She wanted to capture the perfect picture.

He wanted to capture her heart.


4. Pretty Little Psycho


03 | e n c o u n t e r

"Don't judge me because I'm quiet. No one plans a murder out loud."



You know that unwelcome sensation that feels as if spiders are crawling up your spine? That feeling seems to be stuck to me; the spiders were dancing together up and down my spine to a fast paced and joyful song, although I was anything but joyful in this moment. I grabbed a hold of the cold and bruised grey door handle, pulling it open.

A wave of many scents surrounded me as I took a slow, precautionary step inside the two story building. There was the pleasant aroma of the fluttery female perfumes paired with the dangerously strong manly stench. The spiders suddenly started to move faster along my whole body now, entrapping me in their webs.

Walking through the halls I found what I was looking for: the office. Gently I pushed open the door, my blue eyes glancing around shyly. Behind a desk sat a young, pretty girl with honey hair and ocean blue eyes. "Hiya." She greeted casually. "Hi..." I trailed off. She ignored my reluctance to speak and carried through with the conversation. "You must be new here, right?" She asked with a sweet, braced smile. I smiled back slightly while nodding sheepishly.

Her small figure let out a soft and airy noise; a giggle perhaps. "Let's just see here.." She stalked behind her desk and took her seat. I looked to the black and gold name plate on the desk. "Mrs. Smith? Do you need any help finding my stuff?" I offered politely. The blonde let out another airy laugh as well as waving her hand in dismissal. "Please, I'm not Mrs. Smith. I'm getting my volunteer hours working in here." She continued to click keys with her seemingly long nails.

"So, Daniel Keller?" She questioned. A blush crept onto my face for an unknown reason. I pulled my loose, long sleeved shirt down to my hands making what you call sweater paws. "Uhm. It's Damon now." She smiled approvingly at me before printing some papers and giving them to me. "Here's a map of the school, your locker information and your schedule. Have fun Damon." She winked playfully at me and as discreetly as I could I turned away and rolled my eyes before exiting back to the hallway.

The spiders stopped their frantic movements when my eyes caught her beautiful velvet red hair. Looking at the rest of her I took in all her marvellous features. Her skin was fair and beautifully so and suddenly her grey eyes looked up towards me, a delicious storm brewing within them.

I decided to play it cool and proceeded to find my locker. I wound up right beside her while I spun my lock around to match up with the combination I was given. She dropped some books out of the metal spacing that held them; I bent down to help her pick up the textbooks and when I did she started blushing madly.

I could feel the smirk upon my face as I stood with her books and handed them to her. "Thanks." She complied. "No problem." I stated, still smirking. It's a natural thing for guys to smirk. "What's your name pretty lady?" I questioned in a slight teasing voice. "Raven." She greeted. "Damon." Grabbing my books from my locker I took my map of the school and went to find my class.

a b o u t

Boring, I know. I'm still kinda setting the story. I don't really like doing it in someone's pov though.

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Sorry I didn't update when I said I was going to, I forgot about it but if you want to read it faster then go to Wattpad @jello5467 and its posted there with more chapters. 👍

Hope you like it.

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