Pretty Little Psycho

She was an artist.

He was her muse.

She wanted to capture the perfect picture.

He wanted to capture her heart.


3. Pretty Little Psycho


02 | t h e s u n & t h e m o o n

"She was like the moon; part of her was always hidden away."


Damon Keller

A variation of his name. Born into this world as Daniel Damon Keller he later on chose to be called Damon due to the idiotic trends in our world. Enough "Damn Daniel" comments and others as such pushed him to the decision of abandoning his birth name.

He was in his 11th year of schooling, the age of seventeen being his prime. He was deliciously tanned with hair as black as ink and eyes that seemed to be frosted over in colour as well as his troubles with reality. He reached a height of 6'1 and his insecurities hid his muscular attributes beneath his baggy school sweatshirts and tattered jeans.

With a firm muscle outline of eight and a simple sun tattoo upon his chest; all he needed now was his moon. He lived life carefully. Not daring to be dangerous. That is, until he met the girl. I'm sure you know the girl I'm talking about. The Pretty Little Psycho.

Raven Donovan

You will from now on know our Psycho as Raven Jane Donovan. She was outgoing to say the least and her looks could lure in men just as well as the mermaids lured the sailors into the deep sea, their ships crashing and death collecting their souls.

Raven had been born with deep black hair and stone cold grey eyes that looked as if there were lightening shooting through them. Her hair now obtained the red colour that belonged to a red velvet cake or anything as such. She had fair skin and a clear complexion.

Her body stretched out five and a half feet and her body was curved in the right places. Not too much and not too little. There was enough skin so that it didn't look as if her bones would pierce her skin at any given time but there were no thick layers. The most fat she had on her body was grouped at her ample breasts and perfectly round bottom. For a seventeen year old she was crazed beyond her years yet no one seemed to notice. She had a small tattoo on her left shoulder of a wolf howling at the moon and she needed a sun to match.

a b o u t

Next chapter will actually be in someone's pov.

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