What We Used to Be

•self harm

"Her smile, her laugh, the way that we'd talk for hours on end and never stop..

I loved pretty damn near everything about her."


2. Chapter One

As soon as they all promoted from eighth grade, the group never really kept much contact between any other classmates except themselves plus a few other classmates. Lilac was a close friend of Raina's, knowing each other from piano lessons. Of course, in time, both quit out of finding the teacher quite talkative.

After leaving middle school, they all moved to the same high school, Losmoar's, which was built a year ago, named after Don Losmoar, one of the richest men in Verada beach. He, naturally, was a businessman, who was...rather opinionated when it came to people who weren't the same race, or had the same beliefs as him. These attributes applied to his son, James, as well.

Nonetheless, Losmoar wasn't exactly a bad school. It wasn't the best either, more like your typical public school. From the beginning, everyone from Sandalwood stuck together. This particular group included Raina, Lilac, Ron, Patrick, Carl, and of course, Al.

It was the night before school, and Raina had tried on her uniform, packed her books, and was now completely prepared for the next day.

Well, almost completely.

You'll have to tell them someday, she thought to herself as the young teen closed their eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Now , waiting for school to officially begin, Raina waited in the yard, drawing in a notebook.

"You should really grab yourself a proper sketchbook."

Jumping from the bench, and nearly falling off, Raina looked at the person who spoke to her. She wore a navy blue skirt, and white polo, the school uniform. She'd chosen to wear the tie, stockings, and a pair of flats with ribbons, which didn't look bad whatsoever.

And of course, that familiar smile that Raina knew all too well.

"Al!," Raina shrieked, picking up the notebook and pencil she'd dropped, "The hell is wrong with you?!"

"I could say the same for you," Al smirked, helping her friend up,"nerd."

Setting her supplies down, Raina brushed the dust off of her skirt, and looked up at Al.

"I...I've got something to tell you and the guys."

"Sure, go ahead," Al took a seat. "I'm listening."

Raina, for a while, was silent. She moved her things over so she could sit next to Al. She rubbed her thumbs together, lost in thought. She'll understand, Raina thought. She's my friend. I can trust her.

Then, leaning up, Raina looked at Al. To her, this meant everything. It could change the way Al thought of her, the road that their friendship took. But she had to have faith in her friend, her friend of four years.

"I'm bisexual. And genderfluid."

"Eh. Figures," Al shrugged with a smile, "I've always known you've been pretty gay."

Raina then told the rest of her friends. Some of them thought she was still pretty feminine, though immediately accepted the fact that she liked both girls and boys as something that she'd always done, as whenever an attractive female had been nearby, Raina tended to stare, just as she would with a male.

Though, they did accept Raina as both male and female, just still feminine either way.

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