One Death Too Far

Told through the eyes of Ryder Greyn, a 6th year Ravenclaw. One Death Too Far tries to show the true horrors of the battle of Hogwarts and the toll it took on those fighting.


6. A heroes ending

So I sat there for what seemed like hours but was really only minutes. The battle continued to rage on around me, I saw friends and foes fall alike. Some injured, some passed. And so I left. I picked up Maisy's body with the last of my strength and strolled through the courtyard. Throwing curses at whoever I could until I was at the entrance. There was a boy standing there, a death eater. He looked young. Scared. He stood there in front of me, his wand drawn. The boy spoke, he was quiet and his voice was wavering. "Put down the girl and we'll fight like men," he said to me. I gave him an icy stare, our eyes were deadlocked. He seemed like a good kid in with the wrong crowd looking back. But to me, right there at that time. There was only one thing going through my mind. Kill. The words slipped out of my mouth as if someone had been controlling me on that day, I quietly whispered the words. "Avada Kedavra." His body fell to the ground, lifeless. I quickly walked over it, realising what I'd done yet at the same time not caring. I left his body there and quickly walked away, taking the road down to Hogsmeade where I apparated away back to my house in Cambridge. Days later, I heard the news of the battle. Harry had won. Hogwarts had won. Yet they hadn't. I hadn't won. Maicy hadn't won. That boy hadn't won...


Now after all this time I still try to justify what I did and yet every time I come up with the same damn excuse. Because they killed my Maicy. And that was just One Death too Far. 

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