Winchester's: Legacy, Book 2

This is the follow-up to Saving People, Hunting Things: A sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.

Michelle ( Shell ) Winchester has had her and Castiel's baby. Now the race is on to protect her at all cost from the angels who think she's an abomination.


2. Home Coming

Michelle was happy to be home. The last couple of days had been tiring, but looking at the result that she now held in her arms was worth it. Mary Grace was asleep in her arms as she carried her into the nursery. She had kept the design pretty simple, white walls with a menagerie of pink animals stenciled on as a border. Michelle loved animals, had even wanted to be a vet at one point, but the family business put a damper on that dream. The furniture was also white. Michelle had thought it a good idea so it would be easier to change the color scheme as Mary got older. Everywhere you looked there were stuffed animals of every kind that Shell had collected over the last few months. It was a nice nursery. Michelle walked over to the crib. She kissed Mary on the cheek and lays her down on her stomach.

" Welcome, home baby girl. "

Michelle's face got serious as she turned around and saw Cas standing at the door. Castiel had looked so angry after his meeting with whoever and had said nothing on the way home, but had looked towards the back seat several times. Now the anger had been replaced by worry. Michelle wondered what had happened to turn his mood so somber. She walked over to him took his hand and they walked towards the kitchen where Sam and Dean were waiting

Sam and Dean are already sitting at the table waiting when they arrived. Castiel relays the whole encounter. Dean is the first to speak

" So what's that mean ? Are they going to come after Shell and Mary now ?

" I don't know Dean. I haven't exactly been in the loop for awhile even after teaming up to defeat Amara I was still considered an outcast. I don't know if Lucifer was relaying, idle threats or real intentions.

" Castiel, what are we supposed to do.  We can't keep Mary Grace locked in the bunker all the time ? Michelle asked.

Sam finally speaks " We won't have to. There are a few precautions we can take Cloaking symbols for example. "

Dean gets angry

" You're talking about branding Mary Grace like Cas did to us. No way. That hurts."

" It only hurt for a second " Sam answered

Dean looks at Shell who is deep in thought.

" Shell please tell me you're not considering this. "

Shell looks from Sam  to Cas, then back to Dean. Sadness had filled her face.

" What choice do we have ? "

Dean stands up grabs his chair and smashes it on the ground then turns on Castiel.

" I knew it. I knew that this happily ever after crap wasn't going to work. You knew about this Cas. You knew the angels were going to get angry and now my sister and niece have targets on their backs "

Castiel now losing his temper confronts Dean

" I didn't know this would happen. I wouldn't have intentionally put their lives in danger. "

." Yeah, because you've never done that before, right Cas ?

Castiel comes face to face with Dean

" I said I would protect my family and I will. "

" We're her family Cas, not you "

" That's enough Dean. " Shell yells stepping in between the two.

The sound of Mary Grace crying keeps the argument from coming to blows. Dean throws his hands up.

" If you're going to do this, I'm not going to be here. "

Dean storms out of the kitchen towards the garage.

Shell looks at Castiel and Sam. Castiel could see the tears forming in her eyes. 

" I have to go check on Mary "

Walks towards the nursery

Castiel turns toward Sam
" You want to say I told you so,  too ? "
Sam could see the worry, anger, and sadness on Castiel's face.
" No Cas, I just want to keep Shell and Mary Grace safe. So let's concentrate on that, okay ? "


Michelle sat in the rocking chair feeding Mary Grace. Luckily it hadn't taken much to settle her.  As soon as Shell had picked her up she had quieted down. She spoke softly to the tiny bundle.

" Not quite the way I pictured your first day at home Gracie."

Mary Grace stopped feeding for a moment and wrapped her tiny hand around Shell's finger.

Michelle smiled at Mary as she continued talking.

" Your Uncle Dean is a hothead, always has been, but he means well, but maybe he was right about this. I always wanted a family of my own and I didn't think of the possible outcome. "

Michelle hears Castiel from behind her.

" Michelle "

She turns her head towards the door. She sees Sam standing there as well. Castiel walks over to where she is sitting and squats down in front of her.

" I am so sorry Michelle, I never saw this coming. "

Michelle looks into his eyes. They were the most beautiful blue she had ever seen and she knew he was sincere, not that she ever doubted it.

" I know Cas, I don't blame you. I blame the other winged monkeys you call your family. "

" You are my family, remember ? "

Mary Grace had turned her head when Castiel had begun speaking. Michelle smiled.

" I think she wants her dad. "

Michelle carefully wipes Mary's face and hands her to Castiel. He takes her and begins walking back and forth gently. rocking Mary Grace.

Sam speaks from the doorway

" If we're going to do this, maybe we should get it over with. "

Castiel turns to look at Michelle She gives him a nod

Castiel places his hand on Mary Grace's chest. Light emanates from his hand. Mary fusses for a few seconds and settles back down, falling asleep in his arms.

Sam looks amazed

" It's like she barely felt it "

Castiel lays Mary down in her crib and turns to look at them both.

" She is half angel, maybe she didn't feel it the same way you did. "

Castiel walks over to Shell

" It's your turn "

Michelle stands up takes a deep breath

" Do it. "


Dean had driven 20 miles to the nearest bar. He had left the bunker in a fit of rage and now sitting here Two beers and 3 shots of whiskey later, he was trying to figure out why he had gotten so angry. He would like to say it was because of the thought of causing his niece any pain or discomfort, but he knew it was more than that. Deep down he felt a little jealous that Shell had found someone to love that wouldn't turn away because of the hunter's life and that Castiel had taken his baby sister from him. She had always looked up to him and now Castiel was taking his place. It was selfish, he knew that, but he couldn't help it. It had just been the 3 of them for so long. His thoughts were interrupted by a female voice.

" Dean Winchester, so glad we ran into each other. "

Dean turned his head to see a dark eyed, dark hair women standing there.

" And which of heaven's bitches are you ? "

" You can call me by my vessels name, Deanna. "

Dean looks at her with disdain

" Nah, I'll just stick with bitch, What the hell dd you want. ?

Deanna sits on the stool next to him.

" You've talked to Castiel, so you already know the answer. "

Dean turns his head to face her.

" You listen to me you ass. You're not getting Mary Grace. I'll kill you all myself. "

Deanna's eyes fill with rage

" Do you really think you can kill us all ? That child is an abomination. She shouldn't even exist. "

Dean gets up and lays $50 down on the counter

" I tell you what, tell Chuck to give me a call when he gets back. I like to know what he has to say. "

He turns and walks out the door. Suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder as he turns around Deanna punches him in the face.

" You Winchester's corrupt everything you touch. You destroy everything you touch. You bring evil into this world and think you'll never face the consequences. "

She punches Dean again still speaking.

" You broke the first seal, Sam released Lucifer and Amara from their prisons, and now Castiel and your whore sister bring that thing into the world. "

Dean pulls his knife from his pocket and stabs it into Deanna's chest

" My sister is not a whore and that " thing " has a name, it's Mary Grace. ".

Deanna stumbles backwards and looks down at the knife, then looks at Dean again as she pulls it out.

" That won't kill me. "

"But this will. "

Deanna turns around and is face to face with Castiel. He plunges his angel blade into her heart. There's a blinding flash of light as she hits the ground.

" Are you okay Dean ?"

Dean wipes blood from his mouth onto his sleeve

" What are you doing here Cas ? "

Castiel looks at Dean and speaks sarcastically

" Saving your ass and you're welcome. "

Dean stares at the ground for a moment before speaking again

" Thank you, Cas. "

Castiel nods at Dean

" Sam and Michelle are worried about you, let's go home. "


Castiel and Dean returned to the bunker. Sam and Michelle were sitting at the table. Mary grace was in a bassinet close to Shell. Sam looked up as they walked in seeing Dean's face.
" What the hell ? Cas did you beat the crap out of Dean again ? "
Michelle turns in their direction also seeing Deans swollen face, then looking accusingly at Castiel
" It wasn't me this time, it was another angel. He seems to have that effect on our species. "
He touches Dean's forehead and the wounds are gone. Michelle laughs
" He has the effect on every species. What happened ? "
Dean walks over to the bassinet and looks at the sleeping Mary
" They want her. She Called her a thing. I told her where to shove it "
Sam's looks back and forth between Castiel and Dean.
" So they weren't making idle threats, they really want Mary Grace dead. "
Dean picks up Mary Grace who's eyes are now open and he turns to Castiel
" We're not going to let that happen. Isn't that right Cas. "
Castiel nods his head in agreement. Dean continues to speak.
" Start hitting the books see what you can find that might help us. "






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