U.S.A FBI 22


7. The Lost

 “Well you can't kill me unless some how you kill SA, but I know you wouldn't do that because his. How should I say this, special to you” J said in a sarcastic voice. “His not special his just” Hunter stopped speaking. “J step away” said Harry. J turned around quickly and pulled his gun and shot Harry right in the heart. “HARRY” yelled Hunter. She dropped her gun and ran towards Harry. He was spitting blood. The bullet went straight threw his heart. Harry wasn't going to survive. “Your so called students aren’t as tough as you think Hunter” said J. “Kill... J” Harry tried to speak. He passed away in Hunters arms. A car pulled up on the side of the rode, it was SA. As SA got out of the car Hunter yelled call 911. “Hey SA guess who’s dead” yelled J. SA thought when J said that it was Hunter but it wasn't it was Harry. SA was kinda glade that Harry was dead because Harry use to tease him all the time. Four of the agents from, the U.S.A ran out side with there guns out at J, one of them was a paramedic. Hunter lied Harry gently across the pavement. Hunter stood up, her wings lifted up into attack mode. The feathers pointed towards J, as the feathers were moving in the moon light you could see how sharp they were. J's wings came out and lifted. “HE'S GETTING READY TO FLY, SHOOT HIM” yelled Hunter. In a flash J went shooting up into the sky and disappeared. That weekend they had a funeral for Harry. “We have lost great people in this world, it may be hard when we lose one of our agents at the U.S.A, but we will get through it” said Mr William. “I don't like Mr William Hunter, can I shoot him” said SA. “You can shoot him after the funeral ok” said Hunter. After the funeral SA did shoot Mr William but Mr William went to hospital. SA couldn't kill him other wise he would be fired from the U.S.A FBI. “We got to hurry, J's going to kill every last one off us. Connor, John, you then me” told Hunter. “Connor should be at the Murrieta Oil Field and he drinks oil most of the time if your wondering” said SA. Hunter stared at him with a strange look. “What, its true. Even ask him, he'll tell you” said SA. Hunter shook her head. On the way to the oil field they had an up coming message on the radio. “If Hunter is listening to this you are too late, Connor is already dead” said J over the radio. Hunter stop the car in the middle of the high way. The other car behind her crash into there car. She hopped out of the car and walked to the side of the rode and sat down. People were beeping there horns at them. “Why does this have to happen, why didn't I just not create the watch and the U.S.A” whispered Hunter. Hours went by, SA was still there in the car waiting for Hunter. She finally got up but only because she could hear police cars coming. One pulled up in front of Hunter. “We need your help, there’s gun shooting at the Lumber Yard. The only fastest way there is an horse. Can you change into a horse and take the Senora Freeway and turn left onto Route 68 till you get to the Great Ocean Highway” said the young police man. Who ever had the watch that Hunter designed could change into animals and become invisible if they wanted to. John, SA and Hunter has the watch she designed. When Hunter changes into a horse see is normally a black horse. She is one of the fastest. She can travel faster then any other car in the world. 800Km/ph she can travel sometimes 1000 or more. SA got into the car and followed on. About 15 seconds later Hunter arrived at the Lumber Yard. The others were still on the Senora Freeway heading towards the Great Ocean Highway. There was no shooting at the Lumber Yard, no bodies no nothing. Hunter transformed back to her normal self. See could sense some one was there, even her wings could sense some one was there but who. “Hello Hunter, its been a while, well about three days in fact. Hows the special going” said J. Hunter could hear J but couldn't see him. So she turned her thermal vision on, she was in attack mode. “What do you want J, haven't you done what ever you had to do for the day” said Hunter. “The thing is no I haven't” said J. Hunter smiled and grabbed out her gun. J came out from the shadows, he grabbed her arm to show her the veins. Hunter fell to the ground in pain. J was transplanting his blood to her. When the police arrived J left the Lumber Yard. “ Hunter you ok” yelled SA. He helped her up and walked her to the car. “I'm ok, just”. Hunter fell to the ground. “CALL 911” yelled SA.

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