U.S.A FBI 22


3. The Intruder

“Hey guys, dinners in ten minutes” said Hunter “ok” the guys said. Hunter went to the science lab.

Dear Diary/entry 4

Today was great, the watch and the shoes worked but then they picked me up and shoved me in the toilet. So time to find a different plan.

“So Hunter hows the DNA going” said J. “J its just fine, its over, the blood of yours isn't going to change me ok OK” said Hunter. “Fine I’ll just leave this note here then I’ll be off” “STOP BEING... THE THING” yelled Hunter. “The THING hay then I’ll just add MORE of my DNA too yours so then you turn quickly if your going to be that way” said J then he disappeared.

Dear Diary/entry 5

Yesterday when I was in the “toilet” I was scared, I don't like being in dark, small, tight places since the thing that happened. So when they went I tried to get up but my shoes gripped to much to the ground so I couldn't get up. I screamed but the toilet water was going into my mouth, my eyes, nose and ears. I tried to take my shoes off but I only got one off and I couldn't use my hands because I couldn't reach my feet.

“Hey Hunter dinners ready” said Sam. “I'll, I’ll be there soon ok” Hunter said in a worrying voice. Hunter turned around and picked up the note J left. “If you want you can become what you are meant to be, the bad guy” said Hunter as she was reading. “Hunter you ok” said Sam “what, I’ll... just go and eat Sam” said Hunter. Sam walked back to the big hall (dinning room). “So mister nerdy boy is back, hows your bones, if there good then I’m going to break them AGAIN” said Harry “leave me alone or I’ll, I’ll break yours” cried Sam. “HARRY LEAVE HIM ALONE” yelled Hunter “sorry” whispered Harry.

Dear Diary/entry 6

On the way to school I was thinking what I should do to J to show him I’m stronger then him. At period 3 I knew what to do but then Mr Macrony pulled me up just before I was able to poor off milk down J's pants, Mr Macrony ask me if he could have some of my milk, I had to give him some other wise I’ll get in trouble. I watched him drink the whole carton in one gulp. He said it was nice and ask if I could bring more in. I just stood there and stared at him. I walked away but J started to follow me, I was brave even know J and Mr Macrony chased after me. I got away at last.

“Oh so so nice to see you all, I see you haven't noticed Harry’s wings then Hunter” said J. “Harry show me NOW” said Hunter. Harry stood up and turned around and showed Hunter his wings, there was DNA from J threw the veins in his wings. It was brighter then the red light on a laser. “HARRY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE” yelled Hunter “I, I he said that I could become one of them” said Harry in a scared voice.


Dear Diary/entry 7

J is really mean and annoying, he is such an donkey and I wish he had never came into my life. I could of lived happily with my boyfriend but no J had to destroy it all like every other time. He didn't have to push..... I wish I could just kill J. Well I could but I’ll need time and a plan.

“do you even KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS” yelled Hunter. “Hunter who's that” said Sam “that’s J, the one you and I created Sam” said Hunter. “So that's how its going to be, you didn't even tell about your so called self” J said in a sarcastic voice. Hunter got up to protect the students but she couldn't J was still stronger then her at that point. “Every little thing you do Hunter, doesn't work. No matter how HARD you try, you just fail and fail never win only loose” said J. J didn't know what Hunter was waiting for, all he could see was Hunter standing and waiting but J didn't know that Hunter could heat up her DNA and use it as a advantage. Once Hunter's blood heated up she was invincible. “You don't get it J, I’m stronger in my own mind not yours. Everything here is nothing to you, nothing. You can't stop us, only we can stop our self” said Hunter. The lights switched off. “Nothing you do can hurt us, nothing” she said moving forward towards J. Hunter eyes turned red, her wings lifted and flamed up. Her wings were on fire. “How, what” J said in a frightened voice. “Not only are you weak but scared of a little fire” Hunter said in a strong voice. “I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU, your nothing but a” said J. “BUT WHAT, your just a scared little selfish NOTHING, GET OUT OF HERE J” yelled Hunter.

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