U.S.A FBI 22


2. The Flight

“Hey Hunter, so how do we fly again” laughed Harry

“just let your wings do the flying and on the other hand Sam remember your wings are you not free like us there attached to you” said Hunter.

Dear Diary/entry 1

Today at school J and his gang teased me again about me talking into my watch but the thing is I designed this watch so then I can check stuff up and talk to people. They just don't know yet what’s coming for them.

Hunter was brave and loyal but she had a secret but what. One by one they dropped, Connor, John, Harry, Sam then Hunter. They flew to the next building. “Where’s Hunter and that nerd Sam” Said Harry. Sam was in big trouble, he couldn’t fly. He was dropping from the sky at 100km/ph, Hunter had to try something she had to other wise Sam would die.

Dear Diary/entry 2

By the end of period 2 I was going down the stairs to find some one but then J found me and pushed me down the stairs. I had cuts and bruises all the way from head down ways. Some day I’m going to find them and hunt them down, then they'll see.

So Hunter flew down the building just like how a falcon would and pulled her self closer so then her wings will a line with his. Even know Hunters are 10m long and Sam's are 6m long, the same as every one else’s. The feathers from her wings grabbed on to his, her wings threw him up and up way high in the air. Sam fell on Harry. “GET OFF ME YOU NERD” yelled Harry. Everyone else just laughed at Harry “WHATS SO FUNNY” yelled Harry again and walked away angry.

Hunter flew up on the building “well that was fun, luckily I saved you other wise you'll be a drop of bird poop on the ground like Harry nearly was when you fell on him” Hunter said catching her breath.

Dear Diary/entry 3

Today I’m not afraid to show them what I really am. I upgraded my watch as well as my shoes. From now on if they push me down the stairs or any where my shoes will grip to the ground.

Every one laugh about what Hunter said but Harry. “I should say sorry to Harry for falling on him” said Sam disappointed “don't he'll be fine just give him a day or two, he just had a ruff life that’s all” said John. “Ok, lets get back home ok ok” “SHUT UP HUNTER” yelled Harry “ok” laugh Hunter.

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