U.S.A FBI 22


8. The Dream

9pm, Saturday night. Wind was howling through the windows of the hospital. You could hear footsteps down the hallways and ghostly groans People of some sort dragging them selves across the ground. Hunter opened her eyes, she couldn't open them fully but she could just make out what was standing at the end of her bed. A demon, devil like creature, big horns, chains and blood dripping off. The devil like creature lifted his arm and raised it over Hunters head.

“Hunter, Hunter. You ok, you hit your head hard on the car when you passed out there” said SA. “Wha.. what happened. Where's the bi... big demonic like creature” said Hunter. “You must have been dreaming. Go back to sleep” said John.

10pm, still Saturday night. Hunter opened her eyes and tried to remember where she was. “SA, John. Where are they” said Hunter. Nervously she got out of bed. There was blood trails down the hallway leading into a dark room. She followed, she slipped on the blood. The floor cracked. Hunter tried to get up as fast as she could before the floor fell in.

“HELP!!” she yelled. SA and John ran in. “I was in some room and... I... wait what” Hunter was confused “Where am I, I was in this other place again now I’m here”. “There called dreams Hunter” said John sarcastic.

“Shut up John. SA could you get a book from the library for me, its called Demons and Devils”.

The floor fell in and Hunter fell in with it. She landed in the basement and broke one of her wings. She struggled to stand. She limped to the stairway. A creature ran past her. She knew this was a bad place, she had to get out. Hunter stood up straight and turned her night vision on. The creature was right in front of her.

“HUNTER, why didn't you tell me. Your the daughter of the devil, born on the 6th day, 6th month and the 6th hour. A Demon child of the Devil and you do have a last name Hunter BLACK” Yelled SA. “Oh and you didn't notice that you have a last name as well, Sam At...” Hunter said back to SA. “Don't, I give up. I'm through with the FBI U.S.A. Someday someone will know how to NOT be a traitor” SA said. He threw the book of Demons and Devils on the bed and stormed out the door. Hunter jumped out of bed and raced to catch SA. “SA, wait” She grabbed SA on the shoulder. “I didn't know that I was the daughter of the devil till my 18th birthday, It was 5:50pm, I was waiting till it was 6pm, I'm turning 18 today, only minutes away. My watch is going flat, I need to recharge it before it goes. 10minutes till 6pm. 6th day, 6th month. I'm getting tied. Everyone from the U.S.A is sitting around me waiting for the clock to turn to 6. John comes in with my charger for my watch, I plug it in. My ice cream cake was melting into a pile of sloppy, pile of chocolate could feel a sharp pain in my back and up my spine. The other's were saying something “Black Demonic, Devil like wings” I didn't understand what they meant. I stood up and looked behind. I screamed, big 6 metre long sharp, pointy demonic like wings. Nearly everyone in the room had cuts on them from the sharp feathers, even the couch I was sitting on was wrecked. I ran out side, every where I went the wings would put scratch marks on it. I tried flying but the wings would only go where ever they want to go. My legs, back and arms were in pain because the wings were cutting me. It started to rain heavily. The wings lifted over my head to protect me from the rain, they heated up to keep me warm but started to burn me. The wings are great but then they backfire on me and much things up. The next day I went to the library to do research, I found out that I was the daughter of the devil, later that day I decided to moved to Australia and live there till I could work things out. I learnt that I could pull my wings in so then I looked normal again and learnt a lot more things. I prayed to the Devil once a week, he answered back most of the time. He taught me how to use my wings but in return he wanted me to look after my brother James. Also a Demon spore of the Devil, but one day he got into trouble with guys at school. They punched him right in the head and knocked him right out. I took him to father through a demon teleportation device. Father told me to take..” Hunter told. “look I don't need to hear the story ok just leave me alone” said SA






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