U.S.A FBI 22


4. Investigation

J disappeared into the darkness. “Harry go, his going to trace us all because of you” Hunter said trying to stay calm. “You mean your kicking me out of the U.S.A FBI” yelled Harry. “GET OUT HARRY” yelled Hunter. Harry ran out of the building with no trace. The lights turned back on and Hunters blood cooled down. “John and Connor I need you to go as well, its to dangerous here for you two” said Hunter in disappointment. “What about me Hunter” said SA quietly. “You need to stay here because, because you blood is also in J and if you go his going to hunt down Harry, John and Connor to find you” Hunter told SA. “SA I need to train you so then we can fight J” said Hunter. “Hello Hunter, I am Mr William, I am your student folders. Ha ha I got you I am really the person who holds your students profile folders. Harry’s, Connors and John will be burned today at 15:00pm. Why look at the time its 15:00pm” said Mr William. Hunter and SA just stared at Mr William with a strange look. “What did I do” said Mr William. “What do you do” said SA in a sarcastic voice. Hunter punched SA on the arm. SA stared at Hunter. “I better leave you two alone, I must be going, bye” Mr William said walking away. In the morning Hunter and SA went to Thomson Scrapyard to speak with Hoday the old mechanic about Mr William. When they got there. There were police every where. “Hunter, so glad your here, there was a little accident last night. Hoday was killed. Do you know anyone who would do this” said the young police man. Hunter ignored him. “J is onto us” Hunter said to SA. Hunter found words painted in blood on an old broken plane. “Hunter I am smarter then you, I figured you would come here so I got him out of the investigation you were...” Hunter read out loud. The rest of the sentence was rubbed out. SA sore something in the distance so he went to find what it was. “The funny thing is we only found the body but no head” said one of the police men. “HUNTER” yelled SA. Hunter ran to find SA pointing to a spear sticking out of the ground with Hoday's head on the point. There was a sign underneath saying, Bolingbroke Penitentiary is the place to investigate? “What’s Bolingbroke Penitentiary Hunter” said SA. “Its a high security prison SE from here” said Hunter. Hunter and SA got into the car and raced to the Bolingbroke Penitentiary prison. They were to late the prison was on fire. Smoke every where. Hunter could see a figure in the middle of the smoke. It had long four meter long wings. Could it be J or was Hunter imagining it, but SA could see it too. As soon as the fire brigade got there the figure disappeared into the smoke. Hunter jumped out of the car and ran in to the smoke. She turned on her thermal vision. She was the only one who could see in thermal without needing googles. “Hunter how dumb are you, don't you know running into a fire is a bad idea” said J. Hunter could sense where J was. A second later a gush of water fell on Hunter. J left with out a trace. Hunter walk back to the car drenched in water from the fire hose.

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