U.S.A FBI 22


1. Imformation

The U.S.A means the University Security Agents. Hunter the Winged Demon is the leader of the U.S.A (University Security Agents). Hunter has students at the U.S.A,

Harry-Agent P, John-Agent C, Connor- Agent M and

Sam-SA. Hunter is her real name and her Agent name, before it used to be Agent K or just K. All of Hunters students are Winged Demons. Hunters DNA was put into the students but it didn't work for Sam (SA). The wings are meant to work freely but Sam had to control his, so it was harder for him to fly. Hunter had lots of bad things happen to her in her life. All because of J, a free blood demon. A free blood demon is were a robotic hologram is copied from a winged demon's DNA, Hunter, but since J is the bad guy know one knows how J became evil unless some one else’s DNA was implanted into J. Hunter knows it was Sam. When both of there DNA mixed it over loaded and that’s how J was created. But as soon as J was awakened he vanished and the DNA was infected. J was now a unstoppable living machine and every time J meets Hunter she get weaker, because J, some how is transferring his powers to Hunter. Every time he does that Hunter will feel pain but she'll get stronger each time and J will get weaker. Once all of J is transferred to Hunter she will become the strongest of all demons and of all human kind, winged or not. Sam and all of Hunter's students can see that Hunter is changing and the new stages she is going through. Some are bad and others are good. When the DNA from J in Hunters blood stream over heats her veins go bright blue, red and black. You can see the blood rushing though the veins, pumping and pushing. Her eyes will go red or bright blue. If Hunters eyes are red her wings will go red through the veins in her wings and will get a fire power. If Hunters eyes are bright blue her wings will go blue through the veins in her wings and will get a water or ice power. Through those stages Hunter will come stronger and out of control. Hunter is learning that she can over heat J's DNA and use those powers as a advantage. 

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