U.S.A FBI 22


6. Home

A week after the bombing, SA and Hunter went separate paths for a while. They left no trace what so ever. SA went back to Australia to meet his friends. He spoke no words of the U.S.A or Hunter. For two years Hunter and SA never called, spoke or met each other any where. SA played football for Australia and Hunter became the fastest ice skater in France. SA won sixty gold medals in two years and Hunter well was back in investigating the bombing in Los Santo two years back. By the end of 2018

SA and Hunter went back to Los Santo to continue there job for the U.S.A, but SA could see that Hunters wings had grown. They were now 10.5 meters long. Some how Hunter has been seeing J or J has been sneaking DNA into her blood stream. Hunter was stronger then before and more aware of her soundings. That night SA went to the town library to find things about the U.S.A, with any luck he found a whole two bookcases of the U.S.A. He took three books

U.S.A History, Hunter and J, Hunter and the Beginning. He wasn't allowed to take the books home with him so he had to buy them, each book was $6000. So he spent $18000 on three books. SA didn't find anything he was looking for in the books but one chapter in the book Hunter and the Beginning caught an eye to SA. It read, If J kills a beloved agent of Hunter. J him self will become weak. If Hunter needs that agent, she will risk her life to save the agent by draining all of her DNA from J which is keeping her alive into the agent. After the DNA from her is in the agent she will past out and the agent will live. J will become weak and faint then disappear. Once Hunters DNA is in the agent her wings will brake and wilt. Feathers with fall and the wings will soon die off, meaning she will control them till she has built up her strength. “What are you reading SA” said Hunter. SA slammed the book close “nothing why” hesitated SA. “You were reading the book Hunter and the Beginning, I could tell because every one normally reads that book when they think some things wrong with me” said Hunter. “Am I the beloved agent, is that why you kept me and let every one else go but me” said SA. Hunter didn't answer. “ANSWER ME” yelled SA. Hunter still didn't answer. SA stood up and threw the book at Hunter and walked away. Hunter watched him go out the room. Hunter looked down and picked up the book. “Oh no” said Hunter. She ran after SA but it was to late he was all ready in the car and driving away. “STOP” yelled Hunter. The car stopped, she ran up to the drivers side. SA stared at her. “What do you want, I have to go” said SA. Hunter showed the book to him and tried to explain, but he wouldn't listen. “Look I have to go” said SA. He drove away. “What have I done” said Hunter. “What have you done Hunter” said J. Hunter turned around and pulled out her gun and aimed it at J. “No need to shoot here Hunter” said J. “Why not, why shouldn't I shoot you J, TELL ME”

said Hunter

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