U.S.A FBI 22


5. Bombs

They drove to the National Office Of Security Enforcement to find de tales of U.S.A investigations in the past. “Hunter I don't want to alarm you but I’m sick, when I added DNA to J, I became weak, is that normal” said SA. “Your weak because J is taking blood from you to make him stronger and adding it to me” said Hunter. When they got to the National Office Of Security Enforcement Hunter had to show her id but since she got wet at the prison from the fire hose, her id was destroyed. They only could let her in as long as the gate keeper could get a photo with her. Hunter had to get in so she let him take the photo. In side the building they went to the case filing room. SA found folders of J. When they were driving back to the U.S.A building they could see smoke and explosions in the city. Bombs were going off. Hunter put her foot on the peddle and raced to the city. They were going 200km/ph. She braked as fast as she could out side the U.S.A building. People were running and screaming. People were getting bombed. Blood and materials were flying every where. Hunter had a sharp eye. She could not only see in thermal but could also see where bombs and other things were planted. She told SA to get help while she was going to disarm the bombs. Their was to many so she called in back up. All of the special forces from the U.S.A came flying in. Most of the U.S.A cops had Demon Wings from Hunter. They had special glasses so then they could see the bombs too. In five hours all the bombs were disarmed and detached from the buildings. Hunter and SA was invited to the city hall that day to collect a reward for the bravery from later that day. Hunter and SA collected there reward but decided to sell it because they had no need in keeping it. The next day Hunter was teaching SA how to fly at the Ron Alternates Wind Farm. SA had to learn how to doge buildings and other objects. SA was doing fine till a strong breeze came in a made the wind terns turn faster. SA went flying out of the sky and went crash landing into the ocean. Hunter flew down to help SA, when Hunter got to SA, he was washed up on the beach laughing. Hunter laughed to, it was kinda funny. “Hunter I have some thing to tell you, the only thing why I am called SA is because S stands for Sam and I use to be athletic, so A stands for athletic, I still am athletic person but...” said SA. “So your name is Sam Athletic, that’s really strange but in a good way, maybe” laughed Hunter.

“I used to play football for my high school in Australia but now I live here in Los Santo with you guys, I miss my friends back home” said SA. “I miss mine too, I use to have a group of twenty five or more. There were two that were great friends of mine. Tamika and Tamika, its funny they were both called Tamika. In music us three were the only ones that had blue chairs, every one else had green” said Hunter.



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