Calum Hood's best friend

------This is a story about Calum’s best friend from back home named Isaiah who happens to be the sister of the Brooks brothers from the Janoskians and who are all apart of a band. Isaiah who plays guitar for the band also sings. When 5sos are looking for an opening act for their new tour Calum calls Isaiah and offers her the job along with her brothers, she accepts and flies to Australia where they are staying at a hotel and reunites with Calum, she also meets the rest of the boys of 5sos. What happens when Luke begins to fall for Calum’s best friend? Will Calum allow it?


4. Chapter 4

​* later that day*

  Isaiah pov: we were all doing an interview today and while we were waiting for the interviewer the boys had a drink. I went to Calum and asked for a sip  

Calum: you know you aren't old enough yet *smirks*  

Isaiah: please you're my best friend and you love me *pouts*  

Calum: sorry babe no can do  

Isaiah: please I love you 

Calum: you're lucky you're cute and that I do love you  

Calum hands me the beer and I take a sip and give it back.

It was time for the boys to go on, Calum kisses my cheek and walks off, I blush and watch the interview.

Daniel came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to mcdonalds.

I agreed and we walked out. When we arrived we bought our food and sat down  

Daniel: so how does it feel to see your best friend again  

Isaiah: feels good, I really missed him  

Daniel: that's good, i'm glad your happy.  

Isaiah: skip can I tell you something  

Daniel: yea whats wrong  

Isaiah: I have feelings for Calum and I had them ever since before he joined the band and I didn't get the chance to tell him before he left and also Luke has a crush on me and i don't know what to do 

Daniel: well do you like Luke 

Isaiah: yea but not in the way i like Calum and plus i knew if Calum found out about Luke and i flirting he would be really pissed 

Daniel: wait, you and Luke flirting since when *smirks*

Isaiah: the first day we met, and not only that the same night he invited me to his room and when i went he was all on me, I don't know what to do 

Daniel: you do know that you have to tell Calum and break off whatever you have with Luke

Isaiah: i know, i'm just worried about Luke telling Calum everything that happened

After speaking with Daniel we went back to the building and did our interview, when we were done we all got in the car and went back to the hotel. 

*Later that night at the show*

I was backstage in our dressing room getting ready to go on when my in ears blew out, we had 2 mins before we go on. I ran to the boys dressing room and saw Arzaylea and Luke kissing and all up on each other

Isaiah: oh uh sorry 

I saw Calum come out the shower with a pair of black jeans on and no shirt

Calum: Izzy what are you doing here, you're supposed to be on stage 

Isaiah: um my in ears blew out can i use yours 

Calum: yea hold on

I watched as Calum went to get his in ears and noticed Luke looking at me, i ignored him. I can't believe he lied to me and said nothing was going on with them. I pushed the thoughts away when Calum came back and hooked me up to his in ears. 

Isaiah: thanks handsome *kisses Calum's cheek* 

I grabbed my guitar and ran on stage and performed with my brothers and best friend. After we were done performing it was time for the boys to go on. I gave Calum back his in ears and watched them from the side. When the show was over we all went back to our hotel.                                


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