Calum Hood's best friend

------This is a story about Calum’s best friend from back home named Isaiah who happens to be the sister of the Brooks brothers from the Janoskians and who are all apart of a band. Isaiah who plays guitar for the band also sings. When 5sos are looking for an opening act for their new tour Calum calls Isaiah and offers her the job along with her brothers, she accepts and flies to Australia where they are staying at a hotel and reunites with Calum, she also meets the rest of the boys of 5sos. What happens when Luke begins to fall for Calum’s best friend? Will Calum allow it?


3. Chapter 3

​*next morning*

  Isaiah pov: I woke up the next morning and headed downstairs to see everyone already eating breakfast

 Calum: well look who who's late to breakfast  

Isaiah: well I wouldn't be late to breakfast if I was woken up now would I  

I look at Luke and he smirks and winks at me  

After breakfast we head into the car and head out. During the car ride Luke was texting me  

*text message*  

From: Luke<3  

so you're just gonna ignore me all day today 

​To: Luke<3

​Who said I was ignoring you

​From: Luke<3             

​well you didn't say anything to me during breakfast and I feel like you're being distant from me

To: Luke<3

i'm not, I swear its just things that can get in the way  

From: Luke<3


To: Luke<3

Calum and your girlfriend  

From: Luke<3

girlfriend? I don't have a girlfriend I wish I did, who said I got a girlfriend  

To: Luke<3

so you aren't dating that chick Arzaylea  

From: Luke<3

lmao no, we had a thing but it was nothing I swear  

To: Luke<3

lie and you go to hell  

From: Luke<3

I promise i'm not lying, if I was do you think I would've called you in my last night  

To: Luke<3


From: Luke<3

​I like you I want to be with you. I know we only knew eachother for a couple days but still I don't care what Calum thinks

  I reread that message over and over again, I don't know if I can actually be with Luke because of everything else like Calum and the rest of the boys. Through out the years I used to have a crush on Calum but after he left I was able to tell him, but now the feelings are back and stronger. But Its just Luke who I'm worried about.      






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