Sons Of Anarchy Female member

This is the story about Sam who is the first female member to join Sons Of Anarchy from Charming by Gemma. She gets the job by her smarts and her ability to hack into any computer file and search for evidence. Jax who is the president of the club doesn't approve of Sam's position in the club. Also Jax ends up wanting to be with Sam and tries everything to break it off with Luke. What will happen?


3. Chapter 3

 ​* next morning*

  Sam's pov: I dropped Luke off at his job this morning and now I was at the clubhouse to meet with Jax. I walked into his office and saw him sitting at his desk smoking.  

Sam: alright i'm here *sits down*  

Jax: good, we gotta talk  

Sam: about  

Jax: who was that kid you was with last night  

Sam: none of your business  

Jax: *sighs* mom told me you went to a bar yesterday instead of coming to work  

Sam: yea  

Jax: you're on probation for disobeying my orders and you decided to not show up to work  

Sam: I didn't show up because I wasn't gonna be doing anything anyways  

Jax: doesn't matter  

Sam: Jax why don't you put me in any of the assignments you know I can help  

Jax: I told you already  

Sam: then why am I here, why am I even in the club if i'm not gonna be doing shit.  

Jax: what about Luke  

Sam: what about him  

Jax: I don't want you seeing him  

Sam: what you can't tell me who I can see and who I can't see  

Jax: as your boss I can tell you whatever I want  

I stood up ready to leave when Jax caught my arm  

Jax: we're not done here  

Sam: well i'm done  

The whole conversation started to get heated, we were now yelling  

Sam: you know what i'm done  

 I take my jacket off and throw it on the floor  

Sam: fuck you and your club, I gotta go  

Jax: you're not going anywhere, Luke isn't going to help you  

Sam: leave him out of this  

Jax: I would've if you wouldn't have let him in  

Sam: what is it with you, you don't want me to be with Luke  

Jax: no I don't  

Sam: why  

Jax: you should be with me..thats why Luke can't treat you the way I would  

I couldn't believe the words that came out his mouth..Jax wanted to be with me  

Sam: why would I be with someone who doesn't respect my position in the club. All the other boys do except you.  

I watch as Jax step towards me and was very close to my face  

Jax: i'm sorry ok its just... he isn't right for you  

Sam: and you are  

Jax: I'm more than he would ever be  

Sam: really he respects me you don't  

Jax: *sighs* its time for the meeting  

I watch as he goes and grabs his jacket and walks towards the door  

Jax: you coming or what  

Sam: oh now you want to involve me in something *sarcastically*  

Jax: ooh that mouth *walks out*  

We walk out to the clubhouse where the meeting is. We walked in and saw all the boys already seated, we sat down and began  

Jax: alright so what do we got so far  

Juice: The Irish isn't backing down, they are doubling their shipments from what I heard from Mike  

Jax: shit  

Chibs: we gotta do something fast Jax if not we're all in danger  

I watch as Jax leans back in his chair and looks at me  

Jax: Sam do you think you can hack into the computer and figure out what the Irish has planned.  

Tig: did you just say do you think you can  

Jax: maybe she can't  

Sam: *smirks* i'll have all the information in less than an hour  

I get up and go into Gemma's office and get on the computer.  

When I was done I had every information, I got up and walked into Jax's office and saw him sitting down   Sam: here you go  

Jax: *looks at the time* 30 mins wow, so what you got   

Sam: the Irish are having a new shipment coming in a couple days. I hacked into the email and saw that they are planning something that can get us in some deep shit. I managed to delay the shipment for another week. So that might give you guys enough time  

Jax: nice job princess  

Sam: yea I know can I go now  

Jax: no we got an assignment to go to  

He stands up and walks out the door, I follow and we get on our bikes with the boys following.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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