Sons Of Anarchy Female member

This is the story about Sam who is the first female member to join Sons Of Anarchy from Charming by Gemma. She gets the job by her smarts and her ability to hack into any computer file and search for evidence. Jax who is the president of the club doesn't approve of Sam's position in the club. Also Jax ends up wanting to be with Sam and tries everything to break it off with Luke. What will happen?


2. Chapter 2

​*next day*

  Sam pov: after what happened yesterday Jax put me on probation. I didn't go into the clubhouse today so I went out to a small bar. When I walked in I saw a cute boy.  

??: hi  

I looked and saw the boy talking to me  

Sam: hi *smiles*  

??: i'm Luke  

Sam: nice to meet you i'm Sam  

Luke: So Sam what brings you here  

He was so cute, he was blonde hair and blue eyes with a lip ring.  

Sam: um well just decided to come by and have a about you  

Luke: same  

Luke and I spoke for a while when I had to leave.  

Sam: well Luke it was nice talking to you but I gotta get going to work  

Luke: oh well do you need a ride  

Sam: um no thanks I got my bike outside  

Luke: a bike you ride  

Sam: yea, I gotta get to work  

Luke: ok well when will I see you again  

Sam: i'll be around  

I kissed his cheek and walked out. I hopped on my bike and went to the clubhouse.   When I arrived I walked past the boys when I heard Jax  

Jax: you're late  

Sam: well i'm on probation so I can come in whenever time I want its not like i'm doing any jobs anyways  

Jax: yea and that mouth is another reason why you're not doing any *smirks*  

Sam: yea thats why  

I walked into Gemma's office and saw her sitting in her chair  

Gemma: hey princess where were you all day  

Sam: I went to a bar and just chilled  

Gemma: Sam  

Sam: Gemma i'm on probation and plus I met someone  

Gemma: really who  

Sam: his name is Luke  

Gemma: know how I feel about you with other guys  

Sam: yea well Gemma, I know you want me with Jax but Its not gonna happen, he barely includes me in missions and he doesn't have any respect for my position in the club.  

Gemma: give it time i'm telling you he will come around  

after talking to Gemma I walked out and hopped on my bike when I saw the guys  

Chibs: where you off to princess   Sam: a date..later boys   I rode off and met up with Luke at his job

 Sam: hey rockstar *smiles*  

Luke: oh hey beautiful *smiles* what brings you over here  

Sam: just came to see if you were busy  

Luke: *chuckles*  i'm almost done with my shift..i'll be done in an hour, you can hang for a bit  

Sam: ok *smiles*

I sat down at the bar where he works at he handed me a drink  

Luke: so you know you never told me where you work at *cleaning counter*  

Sam: um yea its complicated  

Luke: I think I can keep up  

Sam: um well what I do is not a normal job as yours  

Luke: so what do you do  

Sam: I hack into computers and stuff  

Luke: isn't that illegal  

Sam: um yea but what I do is illegal

Luke: you're a criminal  

Sam: kinda, you can't tell anyone  

Luke: I won't..its kinda hot *smirks*  

Luke and I spent the rest of the day hanging out and I brought him back to my place to stay over since it was closer. when we arrived I saw Jax smoking a cigarette  

Sam: Jax what are you doing here  

Jax: where were you today  

Sam: don't worry about it ok  

Jax: listen I need to know where you were  

Sam: why

Jax: because I...*looks at Luke* whos this  

Sam: um this is Luke..Luke this is my boss Jax

Jax: so this is what you were doing all day today instead of being at work  

Sam: Jax just get out of here  

Jax: *smirks* yea...I want you at the clubhouse at 9 tomorrow  

Sam: but i'm on probation and we don't go in until 10  

Jax: yea well I want you in at 9 i'll be there we need to talk...I don't want to hear anything else  

Sam: but Jax

Jax: that's an order  

Jax leaves and I take Luke inside  

Sam: ugh i'm sorry about that  

Luke: its he pissed at you  

Sam: um yea  

Luke: so I wanna know more about this club thing  

Sam: yea I think you know enough..and plus if Jax finds out i'll be in even more trouble                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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