Night of Starry Skies

One sky, one star, one wish, and one quiet, endless night; the calm before the storm. Their worlds fell slowly, like ashes after a searing fire. Yun Cho Rong, Luo Jin Kai, Choi Hye Mi, and Young Min Jae are four, vastly different lost souls from two vastly different, distant worlds. But they all have one thing in common: a heart shattered by a tragic past to which they are binded. Then there came a time when their worlds collided, sparking an exciting, new adventure — one that allowed them to love, to live, and to triumph over their deepest fears like never before. Suddenly, the dark skies began to glimmer with the hopeful light of the stars. But it was the calm before the storm. If only they had been warned of that. If only they hadn’t wished on that one star, wished for just a taste of happiness; maybe a fire wouldn’t have been ignited. Because when happiness does come, it comes by the kilowatt…



A more in-depth description



She lives to exist - not exists to live. He wants to be loved...but fears love.

She, Yun Cho Rong, hasn't had it easy. Cho is the product of a poor but prideful family; her secrets and fears from her rough past; and her unwavering determination to turn her life around despite all of this.

Cho doesn't want anything else. She doesn't need anything else. At least, that's what she believes...

...Until their paths cross.

Luo Jin Kai is the seemingly perfect man who has it all: power, wealth, brains, and good looks. Kai has it all...and yet has nothing at all. The prince with the shattered heart and the cold surface has only ever wanted one thing since his parents were taken from him: love.

A victim of love, he questions whether it truly exists. And even if it does, perhaps it was never meant for him to have. He puts on a mask, so no one will know that the perfect guy is broken inside...

...Until their paths cross.

And it seems that for the first time, the dark skies begin to glimmer with the hopeful light of the stars.

But there are dilemmas to be faced; sacrifices to be made; prices to be paid. Because when two vastly different worlds collide, there's bound to be flames..and their unexpected acquaintance will either bring joy or wreak havoc.



Well helloo there!


First off, a million thanks to those of you who decide to give my novel a shot.


This is my first romance novel, not to mention my first novel, period. The planning process alone took a few months, and in this given time I've put dedication (and buckets of's up to you to decide whether that's literal or not) into really fleshing out the story and getting to know my characters to the point that I can be them, figuratively speaking. I'm also including images in every chapter to bring the story to life because I want to deliver an optimal experience through which readers can put on the lens of my characters.


That said, my main hope is that all this hard work pays off and that you can all immerse yourself in the story to the nth power and beyond.


Everything—the story, the characters, and the places—is entirely fictional. Some of the elements of this story are inspired by a 2012 Japanese visual interactive novel titled Be My Princess. So think of it as a retelling in a way, except with drastic modifications to the story elements.


The place this story primarily takes place in, Oriensia, is centered on a mixture of East Asian cultures. This is reflected chiefly in the title, as "Chorong Chorong" (초롱 초롱) means bright or twinkling in Korean, and also in the character and place names, which are predominantly derived from Korean, Japanese, and Chinese names.


*Please note that if a full character name is written, the family name comes before the first name (most of you may already know this but I'm just putting it out there to avoid any confusion)!!!. Lastly, I may occasionally reference some foreign words, but I will include a translation note in the beginning of every chapter in the case that I do include some unfamiliar words (and if you already know what they mean, hats off to you, my friend).


I hope you enjoy (and favorite, like, comment, anything if you wanna take it a step further and show some luv) every part of Chorong Chorong as much as I enjoy writing every word of it.


That said, get ready for a bittersweet, tear-provoking, suspenseful, heart-warming and inspirational tale of family, friendship, heartaches and heartbreaks, redemption, love, and most of all...magic.


- lots and lots and lots of love, Brittany J. T. ♡♡



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