Twilight Night Academy

This is a throw off from Vampire Knights, a young lady named Katlynn, has no memory, but she doesn't know who she loves Tegra Kiryu, or her partner Cross Black, who is cold hearted and doesn't let anyone get close things begins to change after 5 years of her partner coming to her house and living with her and her father the headmaster.


7. Valentines Day

“You know how I feel about Vampires, Katlynn… Why shouldn’t I?” I sigh as I lower Zeus.
“Well one is cause this wasn’t my choice and for three you care about me.” He pulls his hand out of his coat.
“Well what happened?” Zeus goes back to its rod form and I put it back.
“I got deathly sick.” It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the full truth either.
“Alright.” With him saying that I picked up my stuff and walks back to class.
    When I walk in class, I realize that he and I are really late. For when we walk in everyone stops writing and the teacher stop lecturing; I realize though that this is going to be really hard to concentrate, because for the fact is now that I am a vampire I can hear, all the humans’ heartbeats and the blood rushing in their veins.
“Miss. Kuran, please explain why are you so…… late.” I sigh.
“As the security committee there was a meeting hat had to be held.” The bastard of a teacher’s face softens.
“You and Mr. Black take your jobs seriously. Don’t you?” I nod. “Alright, get to your seats, and Katlynn,” I turn to look at him. “Thank you, for your dedication.” I sit down beside Alice, who looks at me with concern.
“What happened?” she asked as she looks at me.
“I had to clear up a dispute with Cross.” I explain wit Hough giving her information.
“If that is the case the why did I have to leave?” I sigh, wishing she would drop it.
“Because if was about the security detail.” She nods, finally dropping it.
    Then we go back to paying attention to the teacher, and sneaking my blood tablet in my water bottle. Which is difficult but I manage to pull it off. Then class dismisses, Alice takes my stuff to our room while I deal with the fan girls who are so excited about tomorrow, which is Valentines day. Cross and I get to set up the gates during the Night Class, tomorrow. I am standing at the Day Class dorm’s gate while waiting for the cross over, while fighting with the Night Class.
“Go back to your dorms!” I lose control over my power and a powerful gust of wind blows through. They start to scream, right when the gate suddenly swings open and the Day Class starts to walk out till they start to smell the air.
“Lord Tegra, is she?” Tesa suddenly asks in what I think is fear. Lord Tegra walks towards me, and wraps his arm around my shoulders.
“She is a Pure One, as well as being my little sister.” I shake his arm off.
“A sister that doesn’t care. Now please go to class before I make you.” A look a fear even comes into Tegra’s eyes.
“I am sorry Lord Tegra, but your parents only had you…” Carlile says.
“Our parents kept her existence secret.” That is when Julious walks forward.
“Lady Katlynn, Lord Tegra cares about you. I know his ways are a bit Neanderthal, methods, especially with Tesa-”
“Hey! Not true-” He looks at her with an eyebrow quirked up.
“Anyway, he should have done what he did with Tesa, but back then you was careless, and he wanted to protect you.” I am getting very angry, which is causing wind to consistently blow around us, Tesa, Rosalie, Carlile, Tegra, and Lorcan, who are all freaking out.
“Protect me? Really, I need protecting? I am far more powerful than all you all combined. I loved Tegra, and he then broke me! But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes me stronger!” As I scream the trees around me suddenly gets uprooted. Tegra backs up as I become a hurricane, also Zeus begins to glow. “I am the lost Pure one Princess of the Kiryu line!”
“Katlynn, I really was trying to protect you. I’ve tired to protect you since our parents was killed. All we have are each other, please calm down.” as he is walking back towards me slowly. “I know that you loved me, you did long before you forgot your memory. Even if the memories are gone, the feelings will always remain. By this time hi is right in front of me, so close that if I take a deep breath our bodies would touch. “I loved you then and I will love you now” he sighs. “Even though I now have to earn your love again, but we now have eternity, so I have unlimited amount of time.” With that he kisses me. I push him away a good distance, the only thing that stops him from flying is one of the only trees that didn’t get uprooted. I then walk towards him and slaps him, which then echoes throughout the academy.
“Don’t ever kiss me again!” With that I head towards the campus to do my patrols. When I am in one of the hallways, the Headmaster calls me into his office.
“Tomorrow is Valentines day, one of the most important days, where I need you to be on your guard, especially now since you are now back to your original form. Your mother, Kathren, asked me to watch you, but you was born as  Pure One. So please be careful.”
“I will Headmaster,” with that I head back to my patrols. Seeing dusk, signifying that my ship is up, I head to the dorm and get to bed.
    The next morning I wake up, get my drink, and makes mine and Alice’s coffees. I drink my drink then I get dressed, and wake Alice up.
“Its time for your classes today.” She groans as she gets up.
“You’re not coming?” I shake my head.
“I have to set the gates up for the even tonight.” She nods.
“Lucky…” I shake my head.
“Nope. I am stuck with Cross all day.”
“Ahh, I can understand that.” I hand her, her drink, I get Zeus, my bottled water, my coffee, and with that we head out the door.
    She heads towards the campus, while I head towards the Day Class dorms. When I get there, I head towards the employee closet, and gets out the supplies I need to build the gates, for each member of the Day Class. I start to build the gates, when Cross walks up. For a change though he is smiling……
“Why are you smiling?” He gets really close to me, and I can’t help myself but smile as well.
“Well, I have been thinking…” he pauses. “You care about me a lot don’t you?” I blush as I slowly nod, and busy my hands on the gates. “I am no longer scared of hurting you. You are a vampire now, so it is about time I admit something. I love you, Katlynn.” Coming from him, it causes my mouth to drop.
“You really lo….love m….me?” He smiles as he also nods.
“Yes Katlynn. I do, I always have.” Next thing I know he and I are kissing; I am actually enjoying him kissing me. He pulls away to soon and smiles. “You enjoyed that didn’t you?” I nod, breathlessly might I add.
“W…we need to get these done,” I say as I make me another bottle of blood.
“Yeah we do.” He sighs. “How are you coping with, this?” He asks sadly.
“Well it is difficult, for the fact that nothing tastes, looks, hears, feels, or smells the same. I hear everyone’s heart beat, and hear the blood rushing in their veins. The sun hurts my eyes and skin, but I’m having flashbacks from things I don’t want to remember. Other than that I am doing really well.” He smiles sadly.
“Well if there is anything you want to talk about, you can talk to me.” I smile and kiss him on the cheek.
“Thank you.” with that we finish the gates just in time for the ladies to line up to give out their chocolates.
“Alright, Bitches. You know the rules, you stand behind the gate of the person your giving chocolates to, no pushing, no shoving, and no fighting.” That is when the gates open which causes the girls to scream, I only roll my eyes. I walk to the Day Class, and follow protocol. “Alright, now here are the rules. These women take this very seriously, so when I blow the whistle you go to your designated gate; to accept their chocolates and feelings. Do you understand?”
“Yes Lady Katlynn.” I roll my eyes, until Carlile goes a head and runs a head. Knowing that I am a Pure One, I tap into my authority.
“Carlile, stop!” He suddenly stops in his tracks. “Did I blow the whistle?”
“No, Lady Katlynn.” He says quietly
“Come here.” He drags his feet towards me, then stops. I raise my hand, fixing to slap him, but someone stops my hand from coming down.
“Don’t taint your hand with him.” Tegra says then slaps Carlile, himself. “She is your queen, don’t disrespect her. Value her word as you do mine.” I bury my face in my hand as I feel Cross’s eyes on me.
“Thanks, Tegra. For letting the cat out of the bag,” he starts to say something, but I blow the whistle. I walk back over to Cross, with my head down.
“What was he talking about you being a queen?” He asks. I don’t want to answer, but I don’t believe in secrets.
“I was born a Pure One Vampire, my mother made me human to save me. My mother is Tegra’s mother. He and I are siblings, and yet we are betrothed.” His eyes widen at that last sentence.
“Does this mean that he has the right to hurt me, if I kiss you again?”

“I won’t hurt or kill you. Yes she and I was originally betrothed, but if she does not wish it, then I won’t proceed with it.” Tegra says as he hands me a box. “For a beautiful vampire.” With that I hiss. He backs up, real quick. “Alright, I’ll leave you be.”
I look at the box, it is a black box, with a black velvet ribbon tying it closed. I untie the ribbon and open it up, there inside, a silver and black hair clip, but where it is black, the gems were black onyx, the darkest stone in the world. Underneath the clip there is a note. I open the note and it reads.

To the beautiful vampire that I love, something black, that matches you cold, black heart, and something beautiful, that would make you only more so.
From the one that loves you

I scoff as I roll the note in a ball, and throws it over my shoulder, and put the clip back in the box, and shoves it in my pocket. Cross, noticing that I am frustrated, wraps his arm around me as we wait for the event to end, and for everyone to go where they are needed.
“I’m sorry Cross.” I apologize as we take the gates down, now that the event is over.
“Why are you apologizing?” He asks quietly
“For the fact that one, I am the ting you hate most in the world, a Pure One, and nothing can change that, and for two, I am related to the vampire that you want to kill.” I sob out. He runs towards me.
“Katlynn, Katlynn calm down. You’re not a vampire in my eyes. I love you, and nothing will ever change that.” I fall into his arms, and I just sob. “Come on, lets go get some sweets in town,” I nod slowly as I get up.
“Sure.” We delay our patrols and heads into town. Little did I know then, that, that trip to town would change everything I know.

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