Twilight Night Academy

This is a throw off from Vampire Knights, a young lady named Katlynn, has no memory, but she doesn't know who she loves Tegra Kiryu, or her partner Cross Black, who is cold hearted and doesn't let anyone get close things begins to change after 5 years of her partner coming to her house and living with her and her father the headmaster.


3. Transition

-15 Years Later-

    I am now turning the age of 18, and also in charge of the protection of the Academy, which I’m in charge of protecting the class of humans from the vampires, and from the vampires from their human fans. On top of that I’ve also became one of the top killers for the V.H.S, I’m the number one that they hire, so anymore I make a lot of money. My partner Cross Black, (at the school, not on my contracts) he likes to neglect his duties, and it makes me very irritated. He is also younger than I, which makes the irritation worse, he is 15, with blue hair, and sliver eyes that hold a sadness that can’t be touch by anyone as well as a hatred, that comes out every time a vampire crosses his path. There is a side to him that no one can touch, I have been around him for seven years, and yes that time has allowed me to get close enough that we joke around, but not enough that he will allow me in. I can’t say much though, I’m pretty cold hearted myself.
     When I do catch him in the act, he acts as if it is okay, and then when he and I go to give our report to the Headmaster, he makes it seem like I’m incompetent, when it is him. Lucky us though, the Headmaster doesn’t listen to his stupid and absurd requests about increasing the amount of night patrol members because the secret about the Vampires, can’t be entrusted with anyone else. Not everyone is ready for the human and vampire coinciding with one another. At the moment, I’m at the gate to the Vampires dorm, who soon will be leaving their dorm and going to class, which is at night, naturally. While the humans are all around the gate waiting to see the male vampires. Cross, is no where to be found, as usual, so while I wait for cross over time, and fighting to get the women to their dorms.

“Ladies! Back to your dorms now! It is past curfew!” I yell as I try to push them back.

“You only want the Day class for yourself, Katlynn!”

“That is not true, I am in charged with making sure that the night class, and the day class is safe. But with you guys not listening you are putting yourselves in jeopardy! Now go back to your dorms!” that is when the gates suddenly open. I look over my shoulder and back to the ladies in front of me, and they have all lined up that way the Day class to pass through. “Bitches,” I mumble under my breath as I step aside, to allow Tegra, and the rest of his class pass through, as I stand in front of one of the lines, to keep them from approaching the class. But when Tegra gets to where I stand, I look down, and he gently makes it where I look at him.

“Katlynn, you need to calm your temper.” I look everyone but him, even though he has my face looking at him.

“Yes, my Lord Tegra.” He sighs as he lets go of me. He takes the back of his fingers and rubs the side of my face from my ear down to my cheek, when Cross, suddenly appears and yanks his hand away.

“Pure One, class is beginning, you better get going.” Tegra looks at Cross, and shakes his head, but then turns his attention back to me.

“Katlynn, you don’t need to be so formal with me, you never used to be.”

“Yes, I never used to be, but I was also much younger, and didn’t realize the huge impact of you saving my life that dreadful snowy night, it is a has to be this way. Because of you saving my life, I‘m indebted to be your servant, and nothing else, unlike the way we was so long ago.” he looks down.

“Black, has been filling your head hasn’t he?” I didn’t get to reply for Cross spoke.

“Pure One, you better get going, and leave Katlynn alone.” that causes my head to fly to him. Since when is he possessive over me, I’m his commanding officer. “Or, we can settle this here, and you won’t have to worry about class.” that causes the rest of Tegra’s class starts to panic and get pissed off.

“Cross, that was crossing the lin-” Tegra interrupts me.

“Katlynn, it is fine,” he turns his head and addresses his class. “Calm down.” He looks at Cross, and turns to walk away. “Scary, security guard.” with that he walks away.
When Tegra is semi out of sight, I slowly turn to look at Cross, and he starts to back up, especially when I start to walk towards him.

“You…were…late…AGAIN!” with every word I start punching him, and when I hit again, he starts pushing me back.

“I was here in time, and it isn’t my fault that you are as obvious as a starving fox, watching a wolf eat!” he stops pushing me back. “You know that-”

“Yes I know that he and I are too different, I don’t need to be reminded,” as I am saying this, a couple girls approach Tegra, and gives him a couple gifts: a flower which he holds but the package he allows one of his followers to carry as he uses his powers which comes from being a Pure One, and turns the flower to dust, which then allows the ribbon that was tied to the flower to be blown away in the wind.

He and I are too different, I know that better than anyone. For their was a time that I used to allow such a fantasy to thrive, but that to, was too long ago.

“Alright Cross time to-” but when I turn around to look at him, once again he is gone. “He is skipping out, once again.” with my flashlight in my hand, I set out on patrol.
     There was a time, where Tegra and I, were inseparable, he would visit me at the Headmaster’s house every night. He taught me to waltz, he showed me love, when he was around there was never a time that I wasn’t smiling. Even the embarrassing moments, they were impossibly sweet, for example a couple months after Tegra left me with the Headmaster, whom later legally adopted me as his daughter, called Tegra up saying that their was something up with me. I know this cause I over heard them talking when Tegra showed up, and when I heard that the Headmaster was coming down the hall. Tegra was fixing to leave, I got in my closet and grabbed a dress, then put it on, at the time I didn’t know how to wear it correctly. I ended up putting it on feet in the arm holes and when Headmaster open the door. He looked at me with a shocked face.

“Lord Tegra, come look!”

“What is it? Is she okay?” when he when in the room he looks at me and his shoulders start to shake.

“This is the first time she tried to dress herself, but she didn’t quite get it right.” by that time, Tegra broke out laughing. “What do I do, Lord Tegra is cracking up?” the Headmaster starts to say hysterically. When Tegra regained his composure, he looks at me, so sweetly, so innocently, and smiles while wiping a tear from his eye, from laughing.

“I’m sorry I scared you. But I have to leave now,” he gets to the door way and looks back at me. “Bye Bye.” He said with a sad smile. I didn’t want him to go, it was such a long time for a three year old, so I run to him, almost falling in the process.

“Te…Tegra! Brother Tegra!” for some reason that makes him take a step back, but that made him stay, and he was always their as I got older. Never leaving, but always protecting me, but I always had to be weary of the metallic glow of the eyes.

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