Twilight Night Academy

This is a throw off from Vampire Knights, a young lady named Katlynn, has no memory, but she doesn't know who she loves Tegra Kiryu, or her partner Cross Black, who is cold hearted and doesn't let anyone get close things begins to change after 5 years of her partner coming to her house and living with her and her father the headmaster.


2. The Night

     The night, the first night I remember I was wondering around a forest, in the middle of the summer, it was really hot to the point I had to carry my leather jacket. Even in my spaghetti strapped dress, I was sweating. The mosquitoes kept buzzing around me as I tried not to trip as I walked on a trail, long forgotten. The grass and the logs covered the trail, which made it perilous to walk on. But I didn’t have any knowing what anything was or is: the birds in the trees, the trees themselves, the wolves, the squirrels, the moon, the stars, nor the ground, I had no idea what they were, but a voice inside my head, would tell me what things some of the things are. The voice in my head, sounded like me, except for the fact she sounded older, and more intellect than I.
“I wonder, what are these things in the ground.” I asked myself, not expecting anyone to answer because I was alone. Little girl alone in the woods, you would think that was a bad thing, but I wasn’t ever attacked at that current time frame.

They are trees.

“What are trees?”

They aren’t fangs.

“What are fangs?”

     That is when this woman, started to walk towards me. She was in a blood red, strapless dress, in the same color stilettos. With long, black, curly hair, there was something about her, that scared me really bad. I didn’t even know what I was feeling then, but now that I know what the things are, I can only say I was terrified of her. I back up for I didn’t know who she was, nor where she came from. She appeared out of now where, but she was really pretty, but there was something strange about her; her eyes, they seemed to have a metallic glow to them, other than that she looked normal, except for the fangs that protruded past her lips. I had no idea what she was, but she wasn’t even me, even though my human canines that everyone has, are a bit sharper than the average human, they are sharp enough to cut my tongue as well as the inside of my lips, but they are nothing compared that woman. Her accent in her voice was raspy, but also sounded like wind chimes in the wind. Which was weird, but that is the only thing I can say to compare to her voice. Like broken wind chimes that are out of tune.

“You look lost Child. Where are your parents? What is your name?” I looked at her so confused, because of the simple fact is I knew what she was saying, but I didn’t know what to tell her. I didn’t have the answers to her questions, but something about her scared me.

“I am lost, I don’t know who or where my parents are, and…and…” I realized that I didn’t even know my name at that current moment. “I don’t know what my name is.” After I said that though, she smiled in an even scarier way, which caused me to back up again.

“Well then if no one will know that you are gone.” She paused to look around. “Then I will, DRINK EVERY DROP OF BLOOD IN YOUR BODY!” She suddenly yelled and charged after me. Everything about her changed. Her fangs grew, her face changed as well as her hair, everything about her started to change, and after everything changed she looked like she just died, and crawled out of her grave. It was like a spell had been lifted to show the way she truly was. I didn’t stay to keep looking so… I started to run off, I could hear her hot on my tail, meaning right behind me but I didn’t see a log in my path, and I fell and tripped over it. I rolled over and I saw her getting closer and her mouth opened, that is when I saw her fangs closer. I closed my eyes and hoped that it would end quickly, but it never did.

Those are fangs.

     I screamed and suddenly out of now where and boy appeared, he seemed to be only a few years older than me. He was tall but he was really skinny, but he looked like he came out of a story book, his black hair was unkempt but it was long enough to cover his eyes. His dark blue eyes, which are almost a midnight blue.  He grabbed the woman by the shirt collar and threw her to a nearby tree, and for some reason she was cowered and trembled before him, she didn’t even bother to get up.

“If you are willing to attack an innocent, lonely little girl, in the middle of the woods, but you won’t attack me. That just shows me how much of a coward you are.” He talked calmly to her, but something in me, knew him, and knew that he was beyond furious.

“I’m sorry Pure One, I didn’t realize that you were her guardian.” She got out shakenly.

“I’m not her guardian. Just someone who was passing through, but I don’t stand for such disgrace, especially from someone who thinks you are so much better than humans when one of your descendants was a turned human. So I wouldn’t be talking.” Right then I thought that she finally understood just how angry he was, for she started to shake and tremble even more.

“I’m…I’m sorry My Lord.”

“Don’t apologize to me, but to her. “She looked at me and then to him, back to me , back to him. She got a look on her face that was one of pure torment, because she didn’t want to apologize to me, a  lonely human, but she knew what was going to happen if she didn’t.
“No, she is just a lost Child. No one is going to miss her.” That is when he looked at her and literally growled.

“I am a Pure One, with no drop of human blood running through my veins and even I, if I done a human wrong would apologize, even after feeding so…APOLGIZE!” He didn’t even touch a nearby tree and it looked like it got hit by a tornado, very suddenly ripped from the ground, but as suddenly as the power came, it was gone.

“No, and what is it with you and this human girl anyway?” She asked, as well as  once again disobeying.

“If you won’t even bow down when you know you are in the wrong, and disobey a direct order from a Pure One, then you a disgrace among all Vampires.” All he did was hit her and his fist went through her head. But he ended up getting covered in her blood, but he licked his fingers off, licking off her blood. He looked at me and he had the similar glow to his eyes, then turned his attention to what was left over her though, which ended up turning to a red dust and blowing away in the wind.

     He turned to me and I started to try to scoot away, but when I put pressure on my ankle, sharp pains went up my leg, and I cried out. He put his hands up when he approached me, but from what I just saw he doesn’t need his hands to hurt someone, from what I saw of that power when he got angry. Then instead of using my legs to get away I used my arms to crawl away, but then he said something that caught my attention. “Katlynn, stop. You will cause more damage, trying to get away from me. I promised your parents that I wouldn’t let any harm come to you, and that is a promise I will keep for as long as I draw my breath, so please, trust me.” I rolled back over to look at him, and his eyes no longer had that metallic glow, and he looked sad. I sat up and looked him up and down; I noticed that he looked familiar, but I didn’t know why, is he part of my forgotten memory.

“So that is my name, Kat…Katlynn?” I asked as I was trying the word out with my own tongue.

“Yes your name is Katlynn, and my name is Tegra Kiryu. I am friends with your family. Now let me take you to another friend of mine where you will be safe and away from Vampires.

     That night he took me to the Headmaster, and ex-vampire Hunter, Ichuru Kuran, headmaster to the all vampires at academy Twilight Night. The Headmaster ends up adopting me legally as his daughter and trains me in the ways of the Vampire Hunters that way I can be the school’s security guard, as well as make my own money with the Vampire Hunting Society also known as V.H.S. That night had a huge impact on me. Tegra is in the only grade at the Academy of the Vampire Class.  That night the Dorm President saved me, Tegra the loneliest of all Vampires, who has taken a liking to me but is cruel to everyone else, including the vampires that serve him, because he is known as one of the last Pure Ones. But he is the purest out of all them, he is The Pure One.

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