Twilight Night Academy

This is a throw off from Vampire Knights, a young lady named Katlynn, has no memory, but she doesn't know who she loves Tegra Kiryu, or her partner Cross Black, who is cold hearted and doesn't let anyone get close things begins to change after 5 years of her partner coming to her house and living with her and her father the headmaster.


6. Her

The next few days are going to be difficult, for the simple fact that tomorrow is the day before Valentines Day, which causes the girls to go haywire. As the Headmaster made it into an event, it becomes very dangerous and hard day. I start to head down from my post, when I suddenly gets yanked to he side, into a spare room. There stands Lord Tegra, his eyes burning with that metallic glow. My hand slowly gravitates to my staff when Lord Tegra hisses at me.
“Become mine!” He howls, in so much pain all I can do is watch him as he angrily runs his hand through his hair, while trying to yank some of it out. “You are all I have and yet you don’t even fucking remember!” He howls again and something inside me snaps and I run out of the room.
Finally you let me out.
I start to hear that some girl that was in my head 15 years ago, that was telling me what the things was, when I didn’t know. She is back. I shake my head, trying to get her out of my head. Not wanting to hear her.
Who are you?
I am you before you lost all our memories.
I am so freaked out, I end up running into Cross knocking us both down. I jump back up and I keep running. As if I could run from her, run from my past, run from the vampire that I have adored all my life, now I am so scared, scared like I was 15 years ago, when that woman tried to attack me.
You can’t run from me or your past. So why are you even trying?
What do you know about my past?
     By this time I am in my old room in the Headmaster’s house, and the door is locked. I am on my bed rocking back and forth, trying to regain my sanity, as I did once before.
I know everything, but you can not know, until the time is right and ripe.
     Then I finally scream, and that causes the Headmaster to burst in. He sees me rocking back and forth, he runs to where I sit on the bed. He picks me up and runs with me in his arms to his office at the campus. Putting me in his office then he takes off again, with me still in shock, not acknowledging what is going on around me. Well, until the Headmaster comes back in the room with Lord Tegra by his side.
“Lord Tegra, something has happened, and her memories are unlocking themselves on their own, scaring her.” He pauses. “Kathren’s spell is wearing off.”
“It wouldn’t have if I remained my control.”
“How can anyone expect one who is in love to stay away from the one they love for 15-16 years. I’m honestly surprised that you even lasted this long.”
“What should we do?”
“Honestly, there is only one thing we can do.”
“It’s not time yet!”
“Then all we can do is wait.” the Headmaster pauses. “If she is anything like Kathren, then she’ll pull through.” as he says that, she comes back into my head.
Pull you’re head out of your ass. You are better than this, we’re better than this.
     That is when I come back to reality. I am laying in someone’s arms, I look up and there is Lord Tegra. I suddenly jump up, and step away from him. I realize with a shook, that there is pain in my neck, and my hand shoots up to my neck, where I feel a cold wetness. I pull my hand away from my neck, and looks at what moisture is on it, what it is, is blood, my blood. I look at Lord Tegra and at the corner of his beautiful, well formed, mouth, there is a streak of blood running down his chin.
“You drank from me?”
“It was the only way to give you your sanity back. What do you remember?” I shake my head.
“Nothing out of the norm.” My throat is so dry, so parched, burning so much. My hand shoots back to my throat. “You turned me?” He nods.
“Yes unfortunately, I know what you are feeling right now, come here, I’ll make it better…” he says as he opens his arms to embrace me.
“No, just give me a box of blood tablets.” He sighs as he gets up and gets a box for me.
“Why are you not accepting this? This is who you are.” I shake my head as I take the small black box from him.
“This is not who I am. I am a vampire hunter who was born human.” I start to walk away. “Don’t think that this changes things between us, I am still a member of the Night Class, and I will now hunt vampires, whether you like it or not.” That is when I realize that his blood was in my mouth meaning he made sure that I wouldn’t degenerate into a level D. I go back to my dorm, and I get a glass of water, then drop the blood tablet in it. As it starts to disolve, I start to realize that nothing will ever be the same. I look over to where Alice lays as I realize that I have to watch my best friend grow old while I stay the same age. I take my glass and raise it up to my lips and take a drink from it, a sip of blood. I never had anything like it, my taste buds starts to dance and sing.
“Katlynn? What are you doing up?” I sigh as I turn back around to look at my only friend.
“Just getting a drink. Go back to sleep,” I say with a quiet sob.
“Are you okay?” she asks, which makes me think that she heard me sob.
“Yeah, I’m fine, just dealing with some changes.”
“You will always be my best friend Katlynn, no matter how much you change, that never will. Now come to bed.” I smile sadly, with tears rolling down my cheeks. I drink the last of the blood, undress, and dress in my pajamas. I then lay down to go to sleep.
     The sun on my vampire eyes is not kind, when I wake up. I his as I close the blinds, then goes to make me another glass of blood with Alice still asleep. After I down my drink, I start to get dressed, when I realize my hair has grown past my knees, I shrug my shoulders and proceed to strap Zeus to my leg.
      I smile as I remember that it is normally Alice waking me up, now it is going to be me.  I walk over to her, and shakes her shoulders.
“Alice, wake up, time for school.” Her eyes shoot open, as she realizes that our positions have been reversed.
“You’re up, and ready…” I smile.
“Come on, Sleeping Beauty, I know you don’t want to be late.” She sighs as she gets up and starts to get dressed. I smile as I watch her move around sluggishly, I get up and walk over to the coffee, espresso, and frapacino machine is at. I start to make one expresso and one fruition, on for me and her. I just hope I can still drink it. By the time she gets done getting dressed I have my bag on my back my tablets in my coat, inside pocket, and each drink in my hand.
“Thank you, Katlynn,” she says as she grabs her drink and we walk out of the dorm door.
Lord Tegra was right. This is who you are… who we are, if only our memory would become accessible to you, you would know that. But you are kidding yourself when you decide to still play human.
I shake my head, trying to get her out, and not acknowledge what she is saying might possibly be true.
“You okay?” Alice asks me. I smile sadly. Now with everything that is changing with me I don’t know what to do or think, but I do know that I am sad, at the idea that everyone I care about I will out live; Headmaster, Zero, and Alice, all humans, all mortal.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I smile at her even more sadly as I realize that in my mind, but right now I’m worrying about my college, being how I am now a vampire this I accept but I can’t change it now. What’s done is done, no going back. I thought so much when I spot Cross following us with his hand in his coat. The only reason that he would walk with his hand in his coat is that he is getting ready to draw his gun. “Alice, go a head to class, I’ll catch up with you.”
“Don’t ask me why, just GO!” I yell at her and she takes off running. I turn around, and put my stuff down.
“I am very accustom to the odor of vampires, but I didn’t expect that odor to ever come from you!” then he looks down. “Not from the one that owns my heart.” He mumbles, I can hear him with my vampire hearing, but I was not meant to hear what I did. He then suddenly looks back up at me and pulls his gun out, then points it at me, but he can not stop shaking.
“You won’t win Cross. Or did you forget who trained you?” I say as I reach down for Zeus. When I grab it, it causes sudden pain in my hand but I ignore it, when I pull it out of it’s sleeve. There is suddenly a bright light that fills the courtyard, which is very blindly.
     Suddenly where Zeus is in my hand it gets very heavy, but now that I am a vampire, which gives me pretty much unlimited strength. When I hoist Zeus above my head and when the light fades away. Cross’s eyes widen. I look up, and Zeus has turn itself into a double bladed, battleaxe. “I may be a vampire now but I am still the security guard for this academy and you superior officer. I will not break or bow down you or to anyone.”

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