Twilight Night Academy

This is a throw off from Vampire Knights, a young lady named Katlynn, has no memory, but she doesn't know who she loves Tegra Kiryu, or her partner Cross Black, who is cold hearted and doesn't let anyone get close things begins to change after 5 years of her partner coming to her house and living with her and her father the headmaster.


4. Darkness

I’m walking under the Balcony hallway, when I run into Tegra, and his Vice President Julious starts to walk towards me.

“Hello, Lord Tegra, and Vice-President Julious.” I bow. I could hear that Tegra sighs.

“How many times do I have to tell you, that you need not bow to me?” I shake my head.

“I’m sorry but I have to, but now I need to continue on my patrols.” with that I walk away then hide behind a pillar, so I could get the raging emotions under control inside me, and I happen to over hear the two of them talking.

“What is it with you and Katlynn?” there is as period of silence before Tegra answers.

“For someone who was born in the light, and in the world of darkness, she is an invisible sight. But she still stands out no matter how dark she becomes, she is a human version of one of us.”

“Still that doesn’t matter. Only because of you that we are here, answering the call of the Pure One. That is another reason that we are kind to her, that is the only reason, for the Pure One, shows kindness and favoritism towards her.”

“Julious, she is the only thing in this world I care about.” with that they both start walking away.

     I start running off, trying not to think about what Tegra said. ‘She is the only thing in this world I care about’ what did he mean by that? I see the fountain, thinking I need a drink. I walk towards the fountain, trying to clear my head from these confusing and weakening emotions. I get to the fountain, and I stick my head in the running and falling water, turning my pink, dyed hair, into a blood red. Yes I feel refreshed now, but it doesn’t give me control over the raging storm of emotions inside of me.

“I’m cooled off!” I yell out loud to no one in particular. I start to run again, but this time to the main campus. I start to do patrols inside the campus, and I still can’t control the emotions I tried to keep buried. “Why now?” by that time I am on the roof, and there is Cross. “Hello Cross.” As usual when I try to find him, I never can, but when I’m not looking for him, I find him. I’m watching Lord Tegra through a window, reading a novel.

“How is Lord Kiryu, this dark night?” That takes me by surprise, so I run to the edge of the roof top, and act to be looking around the campus grounds.

“All the classes are being good this fine night,” Cross shakes his head.

“You don’t really believe that do you?”

“Of course, that is the point of this academy.” Once again he shakes his head.

“You are as daft as your father.” He turns and starts to walk away. “I’m doing my patrols inside.” then he leaves.

     He is always cold, there is a side of him that after all this time, I still can’t touch. He is darker than I, but my defense is stronger. Then I look down once again, from the roof top edge and I see two night class girls on the prowl.

“Night class is on the prowl again.” With that I walk to the middle of the roof, turn around where I am face the edge of the roof, then I start to run to the edge of the roof and I jump. I grab onto a tree branch, and I spin around the branch, dropping to the next one; after I grab the last branch, I let go of it landing on my feet, with a grace that’s not human, but is unknown, even to me. I look at the girls, and I grab my Zeus’s hammer. By the way it is a rod, that grows into a staff. “What are you ladies doing out here?”

“We came out to take a few photos,” one of the girls say while the other one tries to stand up, but then falls back to the ground. “Are you okay?”

“Wait, you’re hurt and bleeding. You need to get out of here, its dangerous,” that is when I start sensing them.

     I activate Zeus’s hammer, and I spin around. There stands Carlile and Lorcan, but it is Lorcan that catches my staff, while is hisses and sparks against his skin, causing him pain.

“The Headmaster has trained you well.” I sneer.

“Well, he kind of had to, so I could deal with the likes of you.” I snap.

“So feisty. No need to be that way, we smelled blood so we came to see if we could help. It smells so delicious.” I suddenly stands in front of the girls. “Smells so good…” Carlile purrs.

“If you touch these girls, I will send you back to whence you came, Blood Drinker!” Carlile starts walking towards me, while making it where I can’t move, because of his grip on my staff.

“It is not them that I smell, but you.” That is when he grabs my hand. “Did you fall?” Shit, it must have happened when I landed from that tree. While this whole time the girls are going crazy because of the presence of Carlile and Lorcan. Carlile manages to pull my bleeding hand off of my staff, which he pulls up to his mouth; with blood being so close, his eyes gain that metallic glow, and his fangs begin to grow.

“Carlile, is a vampire?!” one of the girls shriek, and with that the girls faint.

“No!” I pause as I drop my staff, fighting Carlile. “You are going to pay for this,” as I say that he sinks on of his fangs into my bloody hand, drinking a couple drops.

“You are so very delisious. Can I partake from… your neck?” I start fighting him even more, as he starts to move me into position, where he can drink from my neck. He is using his strength he has from being a vampire, but I have something that is highly classified until now.

“You can’t have any. But if you don’t let go of me, you’ll be sorry.” He looks at me shocked, but he has a lot of humor in his eyes.

“How is a little girl going to hurt an aristocrat vampire?” I smile smugly.

“If you don’t let me go, you’ll see.” Unfortunatly I don’t get a chance to show off, because Cross shows up and shoots his gun, the Bloody Hell, which causes Carlile to drop me.

“Has the scent of blood, caused you to go mad, Blood Drinker?” Cross says quietly.

“But I have already tasted her, and she is delicious.” He says as he licks his lips. I begin to access a power deep within me, and as I pull it up to the surface, I feel my eyes change, but as usual Cross plays the hero. He fires his gun again, right above Carlile’s head. Which causes him to freeze, but then I can hear him in your head, Lord Tegra.

I don’t know how you unlocked it, but regain your control over your power, before you hurt everyone here.

     Then I see him, walking so calmly, yet looking at me with such cautious eyes, as if I am a ticking time bomb. What did he mean, how I unlocked it? It only recently surfaced, in me, but he thinks I can hurt everyone here. Does that mean that he is part of my forgotten memory? What is it that he doesn’t want me to remember?

“Black, please lower your gun, that is very deadly to us.” Cross does as he is asked and then looks at me. While Lord Tegra turns to Lorcan. “Being how you didn’t stop Carlile, you are just as guilty as he is.” Lorcan rubs his eyes. Lord Tegra turns towards me, and the caution that I saw in his eyes is now gone, being replaced with loneliness. “I will take these two, to the Headmaster myself to see to their punishment,” then he looks at the girls. “And for the girls who have fainted.” Rosalie falls out of the trees beside the girls. “I will have their memory of this night erased, and be taken to the infirmary. Is that acceptable for you, Black?” Cross nods.

“Just get them out of here.” Lord Tegra nods. Then looks back to me.

“Katlynn, I’m sorry for them scaring you. It was uncalled for,” he says grimly.

“My Lord Tegra, he did not scare me, and all he did was take a little nibble.” with that Cross grabs my wrist and pulls me away, from the delicious smell and from the vampires.
“Thank you, Cross.” He looks at me shocked. “You saved me tonight, for that I owe you, so thank you,” he takes his tie off, and wraps where Carlile bit me.

“Its no problem, I’m sorry that I pulled you away like that, but the scent of so much blood it is revolting, which only proves that they are monsters in human form.” With that he walks away, leaving me on the bridge with only two thoughts.

What am I then, being how I enjoy the smell? Also this is the closest that I have ever gotten to Cross, will it last or will he push me away again?

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