Twilight Night Academy

This is a throw off from Vampire Knights, a young lady named Katlynn, has no memory, but she doesn't know who she loves Tegra Kiryu, or her partner Cross Black, who is cold hearted and doesn't let anyone get close things begins to change after 5 years of her partner coming to her house and living with her and her father the headmaster.


5. Being Cold

     When I finally get back to the Headmaster’s house, with clothes in hand. I go to the bathroom, and put a towel on the handle of the bathroom door that way anyone who needs to use the bathroom knows that it is taken. I step in the shower, and as the water is rolling down my back, as I ponder what all happened today. I have gotten closer to Cross and I have learned about how Lord Tegra feels about me. I shake my head, thinking that Lord Tegra must have said that just to get Vice-President Julious off his back. I can’t even think about being with either one of them, for the fact that I am too different from either one of them. I’m not a normal human, I have power, grace, and strength unlike no other, if you count the humans, I’m more alike to a vampire. I also have very fast healing. Which then causes me to look at my hand, which is already healed, that doesn’t surprise me. I get out of the shower, and I put my pajamas on, then start to blow dry my hair, when I hear the bathroom door open and close. I look in the mirror and sees Cross, it does not register till I take a second look.
“What are you doing?” I ask horrified.
“I have to use this bathroom, cause the one in the men’s dorm closes at dark.” He then proceeds to take off his shirt in front of me. Yeah he is extremely good looking, eye candy as some of the girls in the dorm have a habit of saying about the Day Class, the vampires, anyway I am a girl, unless you are sharing a shower, having sex, or sleeping together, one should never see a guy naked or getting undressed. This happens to be none of the scenarios. So to get him to stop I throw my brush at him, which happens to work.
“Don’t undress in front of a girl!” He suddenly turns to look at me, with a metallic glow in his eyes, which confuses me, he is human. I go back to blowing my hair dry, then looks back at him and the glow is gone. It must have just been me, being tired.
“You’re not really a girl, yes you have the body of a girl, just not the attitude,” I only shrug my shoulders.
“I guess you’re right about that.” I pause and look at my hand once again. “If  the amount of times that I have been bit, and if the legends are true, I should be a vampire by now. But with the amount of times that I have been bit, my blood must be very delicacies.” I suddenly hear the shower door open and shut. “Cross?” I walk over to the door and open it while stepping inside. “Cross are you okay?” I ask, very concerningly.
“Go away!” I shake my head.
“No, if you are having issues, I need to help.” I reply stubbornly. He then, pushes me against a wall while he is panting. As if he is fighting urges, or needs. “Cross, what’s wrong?” I ask as I feel him lick my neck. As suddenly as I am pinned to the wall, I wasn’t.
“Leave me alone!” he pauses, as I hear what sounds like sobs. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispers, and that catches my breath. I huff as I go back to the Ladies’ dorm and lays down across from my best friend Alice. I finally cry myself to sleep, finally for the night.
     The next morning I wake up with a groan; I am not a morning person. Alice is already dressed and is ready to go.
“Katlynn, you just like a vampire.” That causes me to bolt up and am also wide awake.
“Vampires don’t exist Alice.” I say as I get up and start getting dressed including strapping my Zeus’s hammer to my leg, which straps underneath my skirt.
“I know they don’t, but your sleeping patterns match the vampires in legend.” I sigh in relief. I grab my backpack, and Alice’s hand and run out the door. Not stopping till we are in the classroom. “We made it!” She says between pants. She has never been able to keep up with me, or stay energized with me, she always gets tired before I do.
“You doubted me?” I really don’t pay attention to her response, for I am looking at Cross, and he is looking at me. Little did I know that a tear slips out of my eyes. Which causes his eyes to go wide and he walks towards me. Alice notices and walks away, leaving me with Cross.
“I’m sorry for hurting you.” I look at him, and he reaches out, then wipes the tear away from my eyes.
“We get closer which then gives me hope for us and all you do is shut me out again. I made the mistake in hoping that there could be something more between us. I now know that I can’t hope for that, and that I won’t ever make that mistake again.” I rase my hand up to slap him, but he catches my hand by my wrist, which causes the class to go suddenly quiet.
“You and I are too different, we can’t possibly have a life together, because I would end up hurting you. You have no idea how much I wish that we could have a life together, but I don’t want to hurt you.” With that I hank my hand out of his, with tears now streaming down my eyes, unable to stop.
“If that is the case then, close yourself off from me again, because you opening yourself up to people tend to give them hope, but if there is no hope to be had, then you hurt people in the process. I can handle pain, I can deal with pain! For what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, but you don’t care! You play with people’s emotions like they are a new toy or hobby, you don’t stop! Good day, Black!” With that the Ethics teacher walks in and I walk to my seat. I lay my head down, still crying, and fortunately I fall asleep, dreaming about the same woman that I normally dream about, the woman is holding me, yet bleeding. Then I hear Alice’s voice.
“Wake up Katlynn, Teacher is coming.” I wake up and sit up.
“Miss. Kuran, being a security guard must be taxing.” He pauses and looks at Cross behind me. “For both you and Mr. Black sleep in my class on a daily basis. Now why is that?”
“Well if you was up all night, only getting three to four hours of sleep, protecting your uncaring classmates and teachers. You would be sleeping to, so get off our backs because we keep your ass safe. Now walk away and leave us be, or we might just neglect our duties and a certain teacher might go missing!” I accidentally lose control over my powe4r and he falls on the students behind him.
“Smarting off again are we Miss. Kuran?” he asks as he struggles to get up.
“No, Asshole just telling you the way it is and the truth, now leave me along.” He looks at me and his eyes squint at me.
“Dention Miss. Kuran!” He walks away.
“In your dreams Asshole!” the class erupts in whistling and clapping causing him to suddenly turn around and look at the whole class. Everyone starts to stand up and pat me on the shoulders, and when the bell rings I walk out of that classroom to go to my next class, which I then notice that Cross isn’t there. When the classes end for the Night Class, I start to search for him, and I find him sleeping beside his mare, Shadowmere, as usual.
“Black, wake up! You are not supposed to skip out on class!” I put my hands on my hips.
“So let me guess, you’ve been sent to get me?” I shake my head.
“No, it is time to watch the cross over.” I say as I get his gun out of my jacket pocket and hold it out for him, Bloody Hell.
“I’m aware of the time.” He says as he yanks his gun out of my hand. He storms off, heading to the Vampires’ dormitory. Good, he is shutting himself back up, that is what I want. I don’t want the anger though. I catch up to him and he scars all the girls back to their dorms. As usual, Lord Tegra comes dormitory gate and stops in front of me like always.
“Take it easy and don’t get hurt,” then he leans in closer to my ear and whispers. “My precious Katlynn.” That makes me suddenly look at him, truly look at him, as he walks away with a smile on his face. That is when Kenichi approaches Cross and I, looking at him squarely.
“Black, if you keep this up, we are going to eventually get tired of your attitude cause it seems to us that you’re cocky and wanting the death of our Lord, which we will put a stop to it and you.”
“Any time, any where Kenichi. For your information though,” he pauses and leans towards with a sinister smile on his face, which put me at ease, because Cross doesn’t ever smile. “I want the death of every single vampire in existence.”
“You cocky son of a--” that is when I decide to butt in.
“Okay boys, lets play nice. No fighting on campus, you both know the rules.” Kenichi looks at me with a glare which happens to match Cross’s.
“The goth has jumped in, the mood is now gone,” he looks back at Cross. “I meant what I said, about your attitude.” I start reaching for my staff, when Lord Tegra starts walking back towards us.
“Katlynn, is there a problem?” I look at him and bow.
“No Lord Tegra. Kenichi is just threatening and challenging Cross.” I stay bowing.
“Katlynn, please let your walls down like you used to so long ago.” He sighs. “Rise, Katlynn and thank you for your report.” I rise and he looks at Kenichi, then suddenly slaps him. “What gave you the gall to do such a thing?” Kenichi stays on the ground, while muttering apologies in the dirt. “Get up and get to class.” Kenichi suddenly jumps up and vanishes. Cross too is gone, might have already starting his patrols. “Why did you close yourself off away from me?” He asks with such a sad look on his face.
“When you almost turned me, and then drank from Tesa. You drinking from her broke me into a million pieces, I rathered that you drank from me, I loved you once upon a time, but now I will not break ever again, not from you or anyone else.” I start walking away leaving him standing there by himself. When I think I hear him apologise, I turn around and he is walking away, yet stops when I speak again. “You made the perfect weapon.” I say as I walk away to start patrols, hearing him scream bloody murder. I guess he didn’t like the fact that he is the one that made me this way. One can never get caught in the metallic glow of a vampire or it will be the last thing you see unless they take mercy on you and turn you, but that is worse for you will be then living a live stained with blood.
When I was about 10, 11 years old, I went to visit him, and when I knocked on the temporary dormitory for the vampires, Julious answered.
“Oh, hi Katlynn, you’re here to see Lord Tegra, am I correct?” I nod.
“How do you know my name?”
“I used to drive Lord Tegra to your house when he used to visit you.” I nodded once again. “I’m sorry, he is not here right now. Come back later, preferably in the day. It is dangerous for you, humans can’t be out at night.” and he shuts the door in my face.
“I’m already here, so I’ll just wait for him.” so I went in and sat on the stairs, but I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, I was in a room, but I was covered up with Lord Tegra’s leather jacket. That was when I heard him, moaning another woman’s name. Giving me a really bad feeling, because even at that age, I was madly in love with him, he has always been with me so, no one can really stop those feelings.
“Tesa, you taste so good……” he moaned, and I get up to see what was going on. To this day I still wish I didn’t get up. Because, he had another woman in his arms with his face buried in her neck. He was drinking her blood, I ran as fast as I could get out of there. Screaming Cross’s name the whole time, when he found me, he took me back to the house.
“This only proves what I have been saying. That they are only monsters in human from.”
“Not all of them are bad.”
“Then why are you shaking then? You are so silly.” I never questioned him since, he always end up being right. Yes I am in charge, or higher rank, but he has more experience than I. That night changed everything, I became something that Lord Tegra now regrets.
     I am now out of my flashback, and I look around me and I am at the fountain once again, and there is Lord Tegra, apparently waiting for me.
“What do you want Lord Tegra?”
“I want to apologies to you. I didn’t know, but you mean the world to me.” He looks so sad and lonely, it almost awakens the side of me that cares, the key word is almost.
“You are a Pure One, I’m a human, barely but I am still am, it would never work.” I start to walk away when he says something that catches my attention.
“I can turn you!” I turn around and look at him squarely.
“You will never turn me.” I start walking away again, I don’t want to entertain the idea of me being a vampire and still hunt other vampires. I can’t do that, and I can’t be with Lord Tegra.
     I am walking in the campus hallways, and my mind starts to entertain the possibility of me living forever. That would be kind of awesome, the only forever living vampire hunter. I can’t even imagine the amount of money I could gain with an immortal life. I shake my head, trying to shake the thoughts out of my head. I am on the roof on the tallest building in the whole academy. It is one of the best sites in the whole academy that I enjoy. It is where I feel at ease. It is the only place that I feel at peace.

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