Beauty Killers.

Deadliest Beauty and the Darkest Backgrounds. These are kids living life on the edge of a pocket knife. Twisted, dark, cynical and psychotic. Everything wrong with the world; glorified and made grandiose by the adrenaline injected lifestyles of the Beauty Killers.

Death, violence, murder, sex, drugs, abuse, crime, arson, self-harm and other sensitive topics discussed throughout often in a blunt and insensitive way. - This is unfiltered and uncensored, if you are easily offended and likely to come crying to me about your issues with this story DO NOT READ THIS.


1. Girls will be Girls.


Day 1 - 72 Hours to go.


"Sweet as sugar, hard as ice, hurt me once I'll kill you twice." - Jeffree star


Long platinum blonde plaits hung heavy on either side of her face as her shoulders rose and fell with her breathing. She slid a phone from out of her tight khaki leggings, wiping it's screen on the sleeve of her matching jacket. 

"You stupid little bitch." she said with spite and malice, "You think I'd be here calling you out on this if I didn't have the fucking proof?" She smirked sliding the smartphone's screen to unlock it and opened up the screenshots of a conversation between two people from some sort of direct messenger service. 

"This..." She spat with venom in her voice, grabbing hold of the hair of the dark skinned girl in front of her. "Is what happens when trashy little hoes like you try and fuck it up for girls like us." Punctuating her point with a sharp jerk of the knee to the girls face, dropping her to the floor as she recoiled in shock. Kneeling over the girl and gripping on to the collar of her black tracksuit she thrust her phone in the girls face and tutted sarcastically.

"You think you'd even have a chance with Adam do you? Do you Kalise? Do you?" She said forcing the girls head back against the rough gravel pavement. "You are nothing...nothing compared to me and he knows it." She said confidently as she slid a knife from her pocket and held it up to Kalise's throat with menace and a sparkle in her green eyes. "oh that is sweet, you think I'd risk killing you for something this petty? You aren't even worth my time." She punctuated her mocking sentence again with another violent move slashing the knife down through Kalise's jacket causing it to rip open and leaving a shallow cut across her side. 

Pocketing the knife the girl looked to her phone again, pouted and the front camera flashed. "Oh god it hurts to look this fucking beautiful, but not as much as it must hurt to look like that eh?" 

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