New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


17. Trouble

(Long chapter)


I woke up and saw that Bella wasn't in bed, I got up and walked into the Bathroom, I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair, and went back into the room to watch t.v, I heard a door slam downstairs so I got up quick and ran down the stairs and saw Bella crying in the living I ran to her 

"Babe what's wrong? What happened?"

"Nothing I'm fine" as she said that she got up and walked upstairs, I walked behind her she walked into the bathroom and locked the door so I couldn't go in

"Bella open up" 

"I'm getting ready to go to the hospital, I told you I'm fine"

"If you were fine you wouldn't have locked the bathroom door, we made a promise to never to do that and you just broke it" after I said that she unlocked the bathroom door and she was ready, she walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek and grabbed her purse, phone, and keys and walked out of the room.

"Bella wait up" I walked out of the room and grabbed her arm "where are you going" 

"I'm going to school, bye I'll see you later" I kissed her and before she walked out I said

"Bye love you"

"Bye Luke see you later" I knew something was wrong when she didn't say I love you back, and her school starts in 2 weeks

CALL: Tiffany 

T- Hey what's up Luke

L- what's wrong with Bella

T- how am I suppose to know 

L- what do you mean she tells you everything 

T- she stopped after this morning when I went over 

L- what do you mean

T- she called me over and said that she needed help, with something and I said I couldn't and she told me to leave and that I was the worst friend ever

L- what did she need help with

T- she needed help going to see Jake and drew

L- what for

T- I don't know but a car left right when I left my house to go to see Bella

L- oh god what type

T- a black Porsche, and a white Porsche

L- oh god, no 

T- who's car was it

L- it was Christina's, and Janes, I text them last night and we talked and then middle of the night we went out to go have dinner 

T- what the hell Luke

L- I'm sorry 

T- don't bother goodbye 


CALL: Tiff 

T- Bella are you okay what did they tell you?

B- who told me what

T- Jane and Christina 

B- they told me that Luke started messaging them and he offered them a room in the house

T- where are you

B- I'm at the hospital I just saw ash he isn't awake yet so I'm sitting in my car 

T- I'll meet you there I got my own car 

B- take a cab here and I'll drive

T- okay, why do you need to see Jake and drew though

B- whenever we needed to have some fun we went to an amusement park, and they are in Australia for there photograph project, and jake school hasn't started yet wanna join

T- yea sure let me just tell cal and then I'll call a cab 

B- okay bye see you soon

T- bye

As I waited for Tiffany I sat in my car and thought about everything that has happened, my thoughts were gone because someone knocked on the window I turned my head and saw Luke, I put the window down and texted Tiffany quick 

IMESSAGE: Tiffany 

B- hurry please Luke is here 

T- I'm getting in the cab now be there in 20

I put my phone away and looked at Luke 

"Bella what happened?"

"Nothing Luke, listen I gotta go bye"

"NO listen to me for once TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED" I got out my car and looked up at him


"Bella I-I wasn't thinking please stay"

"Yea you never think" I saw Tiffany and she got into my car and I got into my car and I drove off to the amusement park

****1 hour later****

"BELLA" drew and Jake had screamed 

"Hey guys I brought Tiffany too"

"Hey more the better just like old times" drew had said 

We got on so many times and by the time I we got tired it was 11:00 and the amusement park was closing I drove Jake and drew to a hotel, then I drove Tiffany home and I got into Luke's place I walked into the room to see him sleeping, I walked into the bathroom and did my night routine, and then walked into the closet and changed into my pjs which were a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top, I walked out and went downstairs to sleep on the sofa.



C- hey, Bella I'm just saying don't take my girl out for too long anymore she gotta be home by 10, I trust you but I love Tiffany too much I got worried

B- oh cal I'm so sorry we went to an amusement park 

C- yea I know she told and that you guys met up with drew and Jake 

B- I'm so sorry next time I'll call to tell you where she is and if we are okay

C- it's okay see you tomorrow, goodnight 

B- night 

I tried going back to sleep but someone was at the door knocking I got up and opened the door and saw Christina and Jane with their bags 

"What are you doing here?" I had said 

"Luke is letting us stay here for about a month till school starts"

"Oh okay let me take you to your rooms" I walked them upstairs to the guest rooms and showed them the bathroom, I walked into Luke's room and packed my things he had heard me moving stuff around so he woke up


"Yea it's me Luke"

"What are you doing" 

"I'm packing"

"Wait why?" He got up and ran to the closet 

"Your ex and her best friend is living here and this is your place in just your ex it's weird that I'm living here"

"Your not my ex Bella"

"Yea well as of now I am"

"Bella don't ill kick them out, please don't go, and please let's not break up"

"Luke I'm not just mad because of that, I knew for awhile we were done, because we weren't so attached anymore, I love you Luke but things change and I have forgiven you so much it has turned into a pattern, I'll always love you Luke, you were the first boy to be shy around me and say I love you, bye Luke" I was walking towards the door and he grabbed my waist, pulled me and turned me around, and kissed me 

"I'm so attached to you" he kissed me and I kissed back he was only in his pajama pants we walked over to the bed without breaking the kiss, he took off my shirt and shorts, and I took off his pants, I'm not gonna get into detail but you know what happened next we made love

*next morning*

I woke up to see Luke still sleeping I grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom, I did my morning routine and then took a shower but I locked the bathroom door, when I was done I changed into this... I walked Into the room and saw Jane and Christina sitting on the bed watching T.V with Luke while he was under the covers since he hasn't gotten dressed 

"Get out" I had told Jane and Christina

"Why?" Jane had said 

"Do you not see that Luke hasn't gotten dressed yet, get out" they both got up and left the room I locked the door after they left the room 

"Hey bell last night was amazing" 

"Yea, but um I don't think it was right every time we have a fight or break up you think you have the right to have sex with me"

"I'm sorry, Bella I won't do that anymore"

"Don't apologize your lucky I decided to stay with you, there out in a month right?"

"Yes and thanks for the 5th chance or 3rd"

"While they are here we will not have sex"

"Okay, come here watch this show with me" 

"Okay" I walked over to the bed and laid down with him he was still naked 

"Go put some pants on at least"

"Oh yea sorry" before he got up he gave me a kiss and walked into the bathroom, he came out 10 minutes later

"Hey Luke I'm just saying this is your last chance and nothing will change my mind"

"I promise babe I won't blow it"

"Okay come cuddle with me" he laid on the bed and hugged me

"Wanna go out to eat babe?"

"Sure can we invite tiff and cal"

"Yea sure I haven't seen Calum lately"

Luke was dressed in a white shirt, black jeans, and black vans, we walked out and got into the car with tiff and cal

"Hey babe after we finish eating can we go visit ash"


We got to the diner and ate, laughed, and talked we drove to the hospital 

"Hi, I'm Bella Irwin, I'm Ashton Irwin's brother" I had told the receptionist 

"Oh Ms.Irwin I'm very sorry, Ashton had a seizure last night we tried to contact you, we helped him but we have him having an MIR right now he can't have any visit for at least a month, if he doesn't wake up in about 2 months then we pull the plug"

"He isn't awake how is he having an MIR then"

"An MIR you don't need to be awake to have" Luke hugged me and I cried 

"What if he doesn't wake up and I don't want the plug to be pulled"

"If the MIR shows that he is brain dead we will have to pull the plug, but if he isn't and doesn't wake up and you don't want the plug to he pulled you will be killing someone else life"

"Okay thank you for letting me know" we all walked to the car in complete silence the ride home was quiet, I walked into the house and saw Jane and Christina, watching T.V in the living room

"Oh hey look Christina the slut is back"

I ignored them and walked into my room and laid down Luke came in afterwards and laid down with me I started to cry

"Oh no babe it's gonna be okay, everything will be okay I promise" I calmed down and said 

"Don't make promises you can't keep, in going out, don't wait up"

"Bella come on, don't go do whatever your gonna do"he grabbed my hand and laid me back down and hugged me 

"Luke please don't" 

"No Bella he will be okay"

"You sure"

"I'm sure babe take a nap it's only 12:00 pm we will go back and see the MIR at 2:00 just rest babe please"


"I love you Bella"

"I'm gonna take a nap"

"Bella I said I love you" 

"I know I heard"


"I love you too babe, you happy"

"So much better give me a kiss" I gave him a peck on the cheeks 

"No babe you know on the lips" I gave him a peck on the lips and took a nap


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