New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


2. One friend at least


"Omg tiff I feel like it's been forever"

"I know right I actually walked up to your house and knocked and then realized that you left"

"Umm how's James?"

"Ugh lets not even talk about him he started dating that slut Jessica"

We drove back to my place singing and talking and laughing, once we got back to my house we got out of the car and walked into the condo I'm letting tiff stay till we leave to college, I walked in and saw no one, I walked her into my room and we talked and talked I changed into my pjs which was a white crop top, black joggers, and tiff had the same ones but different colors, we talked and talked, but we got interrupted from the loud noise and Ashton yelling 

"Hey Bella, Tiffany come get pizza and watch movies with us"

We both got up and we grabbed our pizza and sat down on the sofa, I looked up and saw Luke handing me a soda and Calum handing a soda to Tiffany, Luke sat next to me and I said 

"Umm tiff this is Luke, Calum, and Michael they are part of Ashton's band"

Excuse me, it's not Ashton's band" Luke has said and smiled at me 

We watched ghostbusters and I didn't realize I was falling asleep I thought I was laying on Tiffany's shoulder but when I woke up I saw my head was on Luke's shoulder, and tiffs was on Calum's shoulder and everyone else was sleeping Michael had his head on Ashton's shoulder which made me laugh and it woke Luke up 

"What's wrong" Luke whispered 

"Look at Ashton and Michael, the perfect couple" we both burst out into laughter and took a picture me and Luke talked into the kitchen while the rest slept 

"You know Luke your an amazing guy, I'm glad to be your friend, I just hate how my ex boyfriend moved on to a slut, you really understand me" 

"I know I was in a relationship before" we both started laughing which woke the rest up and when tiff and cal saw Michaels face they burst into laughter oh I forgot Luke and I put make up on his face and fixed his hair. When Michael got up and saw what I did he chased me around and I grabbed Luke's hand and we ran outside to the back yard and once I saw the pool Michael came and pushed me into the pool Luke helped me out and I was soaking wet, Ashton came out and said 

"That's what you get for putting make-up on Michaels face"

"Well then his face is very dirty so I need new brushes and make-up"

"Alright we will go shopping tomorrow"

Luke and I walked into the house, and I got dressed into another outfit and tiff went to bed, Calum left and Michael left so Luke was here talking to me and Ashton, before Luke left I gave him a kiss on the cheek, he smiled and walked out, 2 minutes later he comes into the house and knocks on my door I open it and say

"I forgot to give you your keys"

"That's not all I forgot something" he kissed me on the lips and I kissed back it only lasted for a minute and then he left I didn't sleep that night because I thought about the kiss.

I woke up to the boys being loud in the living room and saw tiff wasn't in my room or my personal bathroom, I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and walked out into the living I walked up to Ashton and said 

"I look like shit because I don't have make up, get ready and take me shopping with tiff"

"Fine, but the boys are coming" I looked over to Luke 

"Okay not a problem" me and tiff walked into my room she changed into white high waisted shorts, and a blue crop top, with converse. I changed into black shorts, white crop top that stopped at my belly button and adidas, we got our phones, wallet, and purse and walked out into the living room, we walked outside and Ashton said 

"Okay so Michael is coming in my car, bell your going into Luke's, and Tiffany your going into Calum's car" we all got into the cars and drove off to the mall Luke talked to me but i just looked out the window we got to the mall and he grabbed my hand before we got out of the car and said 

"Bella what's wrong was it the kiss?"

"No the kiss was great Luke, it's I always went to the mall with my mom"

He didn't say anything we got out of the car and he grabbed my hand everyone saw I was holding his hand then I saw cal hand wrapped around tiffs waist, we got in and they stayed near a bench while I went in with tiff to get me some new make-up and brushes we bough a whole bunch of make-up and new brushes it came out to be $130 and we only had $40 I walked out and spotted Luke and pulled him in and he said 

"What's wrong beautiful?"

"I only have $40 and tiff to so we only have $80 in total and cal gave us $20 which came out to $100 can you gave me $30 and I'll pay you back when I get home"

"You can pay me back with a kiss, and he is the $30"

"Thanks Luke" I kissed him and walked over to the cashier and payed and grabbed the make up, we left the mall and we all went back to Ashton and my place, we all decided to go for a swim the the boys went home to get changed, Ashton was already in the pool while me and tiff were outside tanning and talking.

"Hey tiff when did you and cal happen?"

"Well when you were getting pushed into a pool we kissed and he asked me out is there a problem?" She had asked worried

"No there isn't I'm with Luke and I thought you were keeping a secret from me"

"Never will I keep a secret from you" the boys finally arrived and they jumped into the pool while me and tiff were still tanning Cal grabbed tiff and pushed her into the pool and they started laughing while I walked into the house, and Luke ran in to see what happened

"Babe what's wrong?"

"It's I see Ashton so happy, while I'm here still sad I only have 3 friends here while Ashton has tons but doesn't invite them over"

"What do you mean 3, did you count me?" I started laughing and said 

"No because your not only my friend your my boyfriend"

"So are we offical now"

"Of course we are" he hugged me and we walked out I should have noticed that ash wasn't in the pool cause someone pushed me into the pool, night came and the boys left and so did ash cause he had to go back to New York and talk to our family over there so it was just me and tiff in the condo none of the boys came to visit so we were bored most of the time

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