New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


3. New love



C: don't you think the girls are upset that we aren't there?

L: bro I know but Ashton said we couldn't go over

C: bro they are 18 we are 20, 2 year difference, it's not that big, bro Bella was telling me how James was 17 when she 14 when they started dating and when ash left for the week he was aloud there to stay with her 

L: I love my girl but I want her to Grieve the right way which is with her friend I asked if I could go over and she said no that she wanted to grieve with tiff 

C: your right tiff said the same thing to me 

L: any ways wanna go to the beach with Michael?

C: sure meet you there in 1 hour 

L: see you

C: bye 


Tiff and I decided to go to the beach we have been there since 8 am and it's beautiful out here, we are currently sitting down on the sand talking someone tapped out shoulder and we turned around and saw jake, and James 

"Jake, James what are you doing here?" Tiff had asked 

"Well it's our summer vacation, can we sit here with you?"

"Umm sure" I had said, they sat down and talked I felt uncomfortable so I moved closer to tiff 

"What's wrong baby girl, long time no kiss wanna give me a kiss now" James had said 

"No I broke up with you and you moved on to Jessica and I moved on too, and so did tiff so I think it's best for me and tiff to leave" we both got up and left back to my house


we got out of the car and saw 2 girls and 2 boys talking and one seemed weirded out we got closer and I noticed Bella ombré hair brown with dirty blond ombré and tiffs hair which was blonde, and brown ombré 2 minutes later before we walked up to them Bella grabbed tiff and they left without noticing us, the boys decided to go eat pizza and we left to go get pizza I called Bella 

B: hey, what's up? 

L: what are you doing?

B: well today I decided to stop grieving and we went to the beach

L: anything else happen? 

B: oh yea James and jake came up to us tiff and my ex and they sat down and the James wanted to kiss me and I said I moved on to someone special and then I grabbed tiff and now we are at home watching movies 

L: thanks for not lying to me babe

B: you saw didn't you?

L: yea but I'm really happy that you didn't lie to me 

B: me too alright I'll call you later when Ashton gets back tiff is telling me to shut up 

L: alright babe bye I love you

And she hung up on me, we walked into the pizza place before we had to go pick up Ashton I thought and thought why she didn't say I love you back, Maybe Tiffany took away her phone and hung up, I didn't bother to eat right now we are on our way to pick up Ashton and I'm currently driving and I'm pretty tired, and way back there was some crazy driver, the light turned green and I started to drive and do did the crazy driver and Michael screamed 

"WATCH OUT" but it was too late we got into a serious car crash.

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