New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


8. Mistakes


So he gave me his jacket, I sat down at a table with Tiffany we laughed and listened to the music well their songs some many people came even publicists I feel someone take the jacket off me and pour burning down my back I turned around and saw Jane and Christina I got up and left Tiffany followed me, we got into the car and drove home we got changed into our pjs and fell asleep we woke up to loud people coming in and blaring loud music on, tiff and I got scared we walked out of the room and same the boys and many other people drinking and they were all drunk Selena ran to me and said 

"Come on let's get out of here" tiff and I grabbed our phones, purse, wallet, and my keys we grabbed extra clothes and shoes, we walked out through the back and saw Ashton kissing another girl, I covered Selena's eye and she cried and we left to a hotel, once we got there we all slept in the same room Selena cried but she went to sleep after an hour I decided to leave the hotel room and go back home.


"Oh Bella go to hell, go live somewhere else you slut" Ashton had said and a bunch of other guys laughing I saw cal, Christina, Luke, and Jane already drunk, I packed my stuff, and Tiffany's and left I got back to the hotel and it was already 5 am and they were taking showers and doing their hair and makeup, I just laid down tiff walked out and asked 

"Why is all our stuff here?" 

"Ashton kicked me out" I said starting to cry she ran up to me and cried, I got up fixed my make up, and brows and got changed into a black romper with black sandals, Selena got dressed into a pink romper with black sandals, and Tiffany got dressed into a white shirt, and jean shorts we left to go have breakfast at a diner downtown, we ordered pancakes and coffee, we talked and laughed and cheered Selena up 

"Hey Bella, Tiffany where is all your stuff the room is empty" Ashton had said 

"Well maybe your party friends stole it" I said in a pissed off tone, he rolled his eyes and tried to kiss Selena but we pulled her away

"What the hell Bella she is my girlfriend look over there your boyfriend Luke is down there" Ashton said in a pissed off tone 

"Ashton you kicked me out last night, and told me to guy to hell, and was forcing someone to kiss you last night and Selena saw" 

"Bella I didn't mean it, Selena you know I didn't mean it" we all just got up and left to the hotel my phone rang while I was driving so I didn't have time to see who it was 

INCOMING CALL: Luke Hemming's

B: hello, who is this? 

L: you deleted me from your contacts already

B: no I'm driving and didn't have time to see who was calling, what do you want?

L: I broke up with Jane and cal broke up with Christina we told management that we didn't want them anymore and that we would find our own girlfriends to love and we did its you guys 

B: Luke I'm sorry but I don't love you anymore we had a thing but it over I gotta go I'm parking at the hotel bye Luke I'll see you around 

L: Bella no please do-- 

And I hung up on him and parked the car

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