New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


4. I'm sorry


it was 1 am and I haven't heard Ashton come in yet I was getting worried, I tried calling Luke but never answered I called Ashton and never picked up 5 minutes later Ashton called me 


A- bell calm down, get ready and go to the hospital 

B- what do you mean go to the hospital?

A- Bella I'm sorry but the boy never picked me up from the airport well they never made it 

I hung up on him and woke up tiff and told her what happened she changed into black leggings, and a sweatshirt, with converse and a high pony tail, I on the other hand I put on black jeans, Luke's sweater, and ankle boots, with my natural wavy hair down I grabbed my phone and money for the cab and we left to the hospital we got there 30 minutes later and I saw Ashton I ran up to him and hugged him and asked 

"What's going on? why is Liz here?"

"Well the rest of the boys broke their arms or leg, but Luke was driving and he was the closet to the car so he umm broke a bone, and it in a coma" Ashton started to cry into my arms while I cried into his too, I walked up to Tiffany and she said 

"Bella are they okay?"

"Well cal broke his arm, Michael broke his leg, and well Luke he broke his arm an--"

"Oh that's good he is fine look cal and Michael are coming out but I don't see Luke"

"Luke is in a coma" I cried while she hugged me 

"I didn't say I love you back what if he doesn't decide to wake up" I cried even more, cal and Michael both gave me hugs then walked up to Ashton, I decided to walk outside and sit on the curb I called drew

D- hey Bella what's up can't wait to see you in the best photography college

B- I need you to do a favor for me

D- what is it?

B- do you think you can give me one of your pep talks to make me laugh or at least smile

D- what's wrong is it because you moved?

B- my boyfriend Luke was in a bad car accident and is in a coma please give me a pep talk

D- yea of course umm, Luke loves you and all that and so did I remember when James asked you out and instead of smiling you ran to me and cried into my arms and I was confused why you cried but you cried because you finally knew someone liked you but he wasn't the first one I was but I was gonna ask you out but James got to you first BELLA I love you 

B- I have to go

I hung up on him and walked into the hospital I walked up to Tiffany and fake smiled at her, she pulled me outside and said 

"Luke is awake, he wanted to see you but you were to busy on your phone who were you talking to, no lying"

"Drew always gave me pep-talks and he gave me one but he told me that he loved me since I was 14 and I hung up on him"

"Do you love him?" 

"If I did I would have said it back"

"Luke is sleeping so we will come back tomorrow, the boys are staying cal gave me his keys so you could drive us back"

We got into cals car and we drove back home, we went to sleep but all of a sudden I woke up and took a shower and thought things over, I love Luke not drew, Drew is my 3rd best friend I would never like drew I got out and walked into ash room to blow dry my hair, after that I straightened my hair, I put my make up, did my eyebrows, and grabbed my clothes for the day I was wearing black ripped jeans, and a white long sleeved crop top, with a black leather jacket, a black beanie, and black ankle boots it was a lot but tiff and I were gonna go to New York tonight to see our family and friends.

"Tiff wake up come on"

"I'm up let me get ready"

She straightened her hair, put on black ripped jeans, red long sleeved crop top, a black beanie, she did her make up, fixed her eyebrows

"Bella can I wear your other black Steve Madden ankle boots"


We got our phones, wallet, and purse and we left to the hospital once we got there I saw everyone hugging Luke, I got out of the car and into the hospital, I walked up to ash and hugged him since tiff and I were about to leave, and tiff went straight to cal, I sat down while Luke was talking to his mom Liz, Ashton sat down next to me and said 

"I take responsibility for this mess and now Liz doesn't want the boys around me, can I go to New York with you, and Tiffany?"

"Umm I don't know let me call Tiffany over, HEY TIFF come here"

"What's up bell, Ashton?"

"Can I go to New Yorkwith you guys? Liz and Michael, and cals parents don't want me near them"


Before we left I smiled at Luke and he called my name but I walked out because I didn't want to miss our flight we rushed to get our luggages and left to the airport we got there in time and we got onto our flight and left to New York.


I looked at Bella, and saw her leaving she turned around and smiled at me and before she walked out I screamed 

"BELLA WAIT" but it was too late my mom turned my head around and said 

"Luke there's no point that family almost killed you, and she doesn't love you, what you kissed here then she said she liked you she is a joke!"


She walked out mad at me and drove off, cal and Michael called ash but it went straight to voice mail, cal called Tiffany and it rang but never picked up, Bella was my last hope I called her it rang 3 times and she answered

L- where are you? I went past your house and you aren't there 

B- Luke I'm in New York and ash joined me and tiff since your mom yelled at him and now he feels responsible and yet you listened to your mom and didn't defend him he is my brother Luke, and I can't love a guy that won't defend my family, I'm sorry Luke but this is it, I can stay in New York Ashton is letting me and I'm gonna live with Tiffany, in 2 days we are going back to Australia and getting our stuff and me and ash are buying our old house back, I love you but you leave me no choice, ash is still debating and now he said he isn't gonna buy the house and go back to Australia, but if I do go back I don't want you coming near me or Ashton goodbye Luke

L- before you hang up LET ME TALK FOR ONCE, I defended you and Ashton and if you don't believe me then it's a good thing that we broke up, let's stay friends 

B- maybe goodbye Luke Hemmings 

L- bye Bella Irwin 

She hung up and I cried, we broke up right before our one month anniversary and I had something great planed for us but I guess it's over 

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